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Thread: why are these weight classes are not more popular?

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    I don't see how I could conpeat with a lw, were as a few people seem interested in building middleweights

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    at the next HW champs, we could possible see a MW fight?

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    which class has better potential since the correct internals can just be transferred into a HW or the shell made heavier on the MW but a FW could always be beefed up to make it into a LW

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    does anyone have any other views on this class and other ideas?

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    matt, the fact that the last 4 posts in this thread were made by yourself should tell you something about these weight classes. They are dead, there is little interest in them. You may have the best intentions at heart but we have a healthy community with 2 weight classes as it is.

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    very true, it was something which looks as if it could happen but then it kinda fizzed out

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    its a shame though sicne it could be a good class with potential. and it would be nice for people like me that are FW builders but dont want to make that jump from FW to HW just yet

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    I have started making a MW and will finish it some day soon But I need to get Gabriel finished, and do something with Cherub, sort out Saint and that's just the start!!!!

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    how many bots have you GOT??

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