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Thread: 2011 EVENT AT THE O2 IN LONDON ...

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    ANYWAY ..........
    Roaming Robots @ the O2 is now CONFIRMED !!

    April 23rd - 24th 2011 - FRA UK Heavyweight Championships.

    We will be officially launching it very soon on the website etc after Barnsley... but for now I thought you'd like to know the good news. Today we had the meeting we have been waiting for to tie up more red tape... and.... Yes its all systems go !

    Launched as an initial 2 day event, with the option to expand to further days if required. This years UK championships will hopefully be the championships to set a new level.
    We have now hit the go button.

    Next weekend Major damage will take centre stage at the O2 fitted into a 4m x 4m polycarb box !! Sure to create a stir over half term and the weeks up to the event. Tickets for the event to go on sale in the next 10 days or so.

    Shows times each day will be 12pm, 3pm, and 6pm.

    The championship will be open to 32 heavy weights and a first come first served basis, with the exception of the seeds who have reserved places. Feather weights and extra heavies are welcome, but not for the champs if we are full.

    Each heavy weight team taking part will be asked to pay a £60 entry fee. This then secures your place at the event.
    However... the entry fee is purely a deposit, and when you arrive at the O2 with a working robot you WILL GET IT BACK.

    We will be providing the following€¦.
    1 Hotel room which covers Friday AND Saturday per team.
    A Meal voucher which will give you a Sandwich, Crisps, Chocolate, and a Drink at lunch time on show days.

    While this event will be the Heavy Weight Champs, we will still however want the feather weights along and be running a smaller competition with them, however we can€™t provide your accommodation for this event. We will however be able to pass on any hotel discounts we get to you if you book for the Saturday night etc in the same hotel, plus we will still have the meal vouchers available for you. We simply cant pay for everyone, and you do get your own champs at RoboChallenge.

    Please don€™t automatically think I€™ve done a multimillion pound deal with this€¦ this is crunch time, do or die€¦..
    There's a SERIOUS amount of money being gambled on this event, if people can share rooms etc to save costs, it would be appreciated. You dont want to know the budget for this event !!

    Spread the word, and get those robots ready !!! I will post here and email everyone when sign up goes live !!!

    Roaming Robots

    Hope to see some of you guys there ....

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    I've also posted Jonno's announcement on the DRG forum.

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