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Thread: The treatment of Storm 2 in Robot Wars series 7

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    It was absolutely appalling there's a long list I could go through but i don't have the time so i'll post the bigger ones.

    1. First of all they said Storm 2 couldn't qualify for the 7th wars unless they had a weapon so they put on the lifter.
    2. After the battle with firestorm the judges tried to disqualify storm 2 for not using their weapon
    3. After the battle in the final against Typhoon 2 shet said Storm 2 had taken more damage after Typhoon 2's weapon no longer worked and if you get a chance to re-watch that battle you will see the damage caused to sSorm 2 wasn't Typhoon but it was when the got underneath Typhoon pushed them into the wall and Storm also hit the wall.

    So what do you guys think?

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    Theres a whole wiki page on this. let me just find the link

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    From the battle footage, the damage done to Storm 2 looked to be sustained from Matilda's flywheel rather than Typhoon 2, but it was still damage to Storm 2. Could be classed as poor control from them, pushing a robot into a danger zone without ensuring they are able to retreat undamaged. As for the other incidents, I am aware of them and have read accounts supporting or disagreeing with them but to be honest, I think it is all immaterial as:
    a) it's been over 7 years since these events took place,
    b) the result stills stands regardless of how much injustice is perceived to be done, and
    c)Mentorn is a TV company who were always more interested in getting a good-looking spectacle than being fair, so it's no surprise that such decisions were made.

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    i know i was just wondering what everyone else thought

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    and also at the end of the final the judges didn't check the robots for damage they were told typhoon 2 was undamaged when there were drive and weapon chains on the arena floor

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    Gary (typhoon_driver) posted a lot about it on here soon after the event itself. May be able to read his account of it as i'm sure he is far more informed that you or I could be on this issue.


    I think most of it is in there somewhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by k_c_r
    to be honest, I think it is all immaterial as:
    a) it's been over 7 years since these events took place
    This came to mind for me as has been so long since the TV show that talking about any unfairness is a bit redundant, and if all this transpired to be true it would hardly be earth shattering news (almost exactly the same thing happened during series 2 with Spin Doctor, and as Jamie said it's a television show with the aim of entertaining people).

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    That frame was not cheating, it was unprecedented but not cheating.

    The rules allow for modifications although it was never clear as to how much.
    I still salute the Tornado boys for thinking outside the box.

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