Hey, guys,
I´m Victor, 15 Years from Berlin

As you can see in the Topic (if the word at all is correct) I am thinking about an foreign Year, because my english is terrible and I would like to go to Britain anyway. Because of this I want to ask here, if there is anyone, who already was guest parent or knows something about that?
It would be great, if there would be someone, who could take me up (we would pay something as well, obviously)
The Point is, that I just want to stay in Britain for just an half Year, because of some amusingly Occurences (don´t know, if you understand what I mean^^) and that would be from the beginning of 2011 (somewhere in January) till the summer Holidays in July.
I don´t know if that is at all possible, without any organisation, because I have to go to a School anyway, but it would be cool, because if that would be possible I could connect the Foreign Year with my Hobby (building and fighting combat Robots) and I could meet you all as well at some events.

Nice Greetings and sorry for my bad English, Victor