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Thread: Anyone in Suffolk / East Anglie Region?

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    I didn't know how broad to make this, but my team is based in the heart of Suffolk and I just wondered what other teams operated locally?

    I also wondered what events took place down here? And where I could get some extra info on how an event is run, how to compete and who is likely to be going?



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    Are there many events around here? I mean Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire etc... are all feisable.

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    I've been out of the robot scene for a long time! Like 8 years or so and even then I was 12.....

    I know Rex Garrod of Cassius and George Francs of Chaos 2 are locals, but I'm assuming they don't compete any more.......

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    I think there is only 2 of us in norfolk, me and rob from iron awe.

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    Anyone know of any events that take place is this region?

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