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Thread: 40MHz to 2.4GHz conversion

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    How did you get on with this Jamie at the Champs?

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    When it worked, it worked very well. Had no problems through tech-check and when it was controlling the robot in the arena, there were no problems either.

    What I did discover though was that I had to turn on the RX switch (I didn't run a BEC), turn it off, and turn it back on again before the light came on on the receiver to show that it was receiving power and bound to the transmitter. This had to be done during arming-up of every fight. Then, when I came in on the Sunday morning and did a quick check over the robot, the receiver was just refusing to power up. I changed RX batteries and tried rebinding etc but there was just nothing.

    I don't think this was a problem with the conversion kit as a whole, I reckon my receiver just happened to be a dodgy one because the Nipper team had the exact same conversion kit in the exact same model of transmitter and Graeme said that he has never had any problems with his receiver, it powers up first time every time. Mart said the same thing in an earlier post in this thread. I won't be buying another receiver for a few weeks so I won't know for sure until then, but I'm still confident in the system and plan to upgrade the Skysport 6 next. For how much it costs, it's worth a try if you fancy it.

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    well if thats a few running fine then I think I'll need to get this for my futaba 6EX. Loved the pimp chrome look on the front, so much more appealing than a spektrum :P

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    Jamie, you should test a bit more, maybe it had some interference in the place where u tried to bind it or whatever?
    I would never say never but the thing is though, the problem was consistent. It happened at home during the build, it happened at the Travelodge I was staying at during the event, and it happened both in the pits and in the arena.

    I think the receiver is supposed to give a fast blinking light if it can't detect the transmitter due to interference, but mine just didn't light up at all. And now it doesn't light up completely, even when trying to bind or if I've switched the power on-off-on. All this makes me think I have a faulty receiver.

    It does say (in the instructions and on several forums) that the transmitter should be about 30cm away when powering up the receiver but even when I did that it didn't make a difference.

    I guess I'll know when I buy a new receiver

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    do you know if this would work with a 3 channel transmitter not steering wheel style transmitter? as the cheapest 3 channel 2.4ghz set i can find is £80 and i'd quite like to use a hitec ranger 3 for a heavy

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    i explained this before.

    A. the hitec looks awesome
    c. i prefer control with 2 sticks
    d. i don't have to move the throttle up so much until its on full
    e. the hitec looks awesome

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    no B?

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    oops, also did a twice

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