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Thread: Mantis mk. 3

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    I'm afraid not. It's a real challenge.

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    i would have though some sort of hydraulic one would be logical but weight must be so tight it would make it impossible

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    Weight is our enemy here. We needed to do something about the armour, as the armour it had when we took it over from Ady was not up to any defense. It looked cool, but a Kan-opener or Thor or Tiberius or Thz could have wrecked havoc on the internal parts with ease. This and the reinforcements of the arms meant that there was no weight left for anything else. 100.7kg during the O2 event, and no selfrighter.

    Moving the bot to A123 would be the logical step, but that also means we lose our counterbalance at the rear to pick a robot up and drive around with it. This is still a major concern for me and I don't really see a good way around it.

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    all I can think right now is a123's and try and use some Ti. Doesn't seem you could make it any more compact

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    you could switch to a123s then move them further forward and move heavier components like the hydraulic pump to the back

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    Funny. The 3 Speed 900-pump/reduction gearing and Albright relais was together 3,4 kg.
    The original batteries were 24V 34Ah, wich we reduced to 24V 17Ah. Total weight of the last set of Hawker Genesis NP batteries, 13 kg with a pricetag of ‚40.

    A LiFePo4 pack of approximatly 24V 17Ah , means 7 or 8S and if original A123's are used, 7 cells parallel. Meaning 49 or 56 cells. At a pricetag of at least ‚10 a cell. Oh, and a weight of 4 kg.

    It seems Jonny, that your idea won't pan out.

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    Im sure it can my made to have a srimeck somehow, after all, razer did it

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    Maybe it's time to get a drill out

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattsdragons
    Im sure it can my made to have a srimeck somehow, after all, razer did it
    Razer has a different geometry and therefore a much different center of gravity. Mantis doesn't topple back as easy as Razer.

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    Very true, mantis is a bulkier than razer

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