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Thread: Robot Wars - The "Legends" Special

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    Welcome back to Robot Wars. If you just joined us, Scorpion and Roobarb have fought their way through to the heat semis to join Aggrobot and Zorro. Now is the time for them to face the next big challenge....each other.

    BATTLE 3

    I wonder how much damage it really took from Matilda in its first round clash?

    I'm not convinced we saw the best of its disc, maybe more to come?


    Booth 1 - Aggrobot
    Booth 2 - Scorpion
    House Robots - Sgt Bash, Shunt

    And they're off. Aggrobot dodges to the side, to try and get away from Scorpion's disc. Already, though, the blade is up to speed. It turns to face Aggrobot....
    The disc clips Aggrobot's snout and turns it away! Aggrobot manages to get itself back on track, though, and attempts to get under the sides. Up goes its levering arm...but Scorpion slips off...
    OUCH!! The disc hits the little arm! Aggrobot retreats, but....the snout is stuck in the up position! I think the arm is damaged and can no longer retract, effectively stripping it of one of its weapons! There's not much now Aggrobot can do, except run...or maybe try to use its rear claw. But Scorpion isn't having any of it, and follows it as Aggrobot turns...
    And now clips Aggrobot's left wheel!! That's definately hurting poor Aggrobot, who now appears to be turning in circles. Scorpion decides the battle is over, and heads over to hit the pit release button. Aggrobot continues to spin on its odd axis, with its snout still lifted up. Scorpion travels back, gets under it with its front wedge and begins to push Aggrobot towards the pit...and Aggrobot doesn't even put up a fight....DOWN IT GOES! Goodbye, Aggrobot!


    Aggrobot, no Agro at all.

    BATTLE 4

    Looked strong defeating Robochicken, I felt.

    Looked destructive, but cannot afford to take damage to its cleaver.


    Booth 1 - Roobarb
    Booth 2 - Zorro
    House Robots - Mr Psycho, Dead Metal

    This should be interesting. Zorro quickly darts away from Roobarb's oncoming charge, and the cleaver gets up to speed. Roobarb gives chase, but it has to be careful now! Zorro closes in...
    OW, that had to hurt! Roobarb is thrust away. Zorro backs off......oh no, it can't be over already! Roobarb isn't moving at all! It does have a bit of a history of being immobilised from heavy hits in the past, and I worry it's happened again. Zorro moves towards it, but the cleaver has been turned off. Refbot comes in to investigate...
    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8! 9! 10!!
    And Roobarb is gone! And Mr Psycho is waiting....CRASH! The hammer hits Roobarb on the flipper! Mr Psycho then picks up Roobarb and places it onto the arena floor flipper....flying Rhubarb, anyone?...
    And there it goes!! It bounces and rolls, lands on its wheels, but there's no life left in it. Dead Metal takes over the kill, and pushes the carcass of Roobarb onto the flame pit.


    Roobarb turned into custard

    Scorpion vs Zorro

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    Plan, get under Mega Hurtz and flip him like theres no tomorrow, team up with Major Tom if need be

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    Interesting judging system; giving all four categories the same amount of weight. I guess it isn't surprising that under those conditions Fluffy would suffer; it does a fair bit of damage but doesnt excel in any other area.

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    Skipping heat introductions from now on, if that's OK with you.

    General Carnage 2 vs Mega Hurts L.T. vs Major Tom 3
    Suicidal Tendencies vs Corkscrew 2 vs Big Nipper

    BATTLE 1

    Never beyond the second round of the heats in three attempts.

    This golden wedge shaped machine is one of our oldest competitors. Its main weapon is a powerful flipper that, to this date, has left it the only robot to flip another out of the arena and not make the heat final. Teeth and spikes also add to the weapon synergy. It doesn't have a srimech, though, and it hasn't been the most reliable.

    Never beyond the heats in four seperate wars with three seperate machines.

    Formally a garden water barrel and a dodgem car, this is the third incarnation of Major Tom. It is an invertible box wedge shaped robots with two clamping spikes acting as its main weapon. At 4mph, it's slow....too slow.

    This machine has crashed out early in four seperate heats.

    The newest incarnation of the Mega Hurts machine is smaller than before. It's a low box shaped machine, with spikes around the outside. The keyboard is a CO2 powered flipper, as is the screen which acts as a srimech. It looks novel, and it's fast, but not very reliable.


    Booth 1 - General Carnage 2, Mega Hurts L.T.
    Booth 2 - Major Tom 3
    House Robots - Shunt, Dead Metal

    And the three machines move away. Mega Hurts is the quickest of the three, and slams into Major Tom....oops, its head comes off again! It has a reputation for being unable to keep its head. Mega Hurts flips Major Tom over! Luckily, it is invertible, which means flipping won't affect it too much. General Carnage gets underneath Mega Hurts' suspect ground clearance and flips it over! Mega Hurts quickly self-rights and tries persuing Major Tom, but General Carnage is insistant on getting rid of Mega Hurts, and flips it over again. Mega Hurts attempts to self-right, with less luck this time. General Carnage slides underneath....AND FLIPS IT RIGHT OUT OF THE ARENA!! That's the end of Mega Hurts! Major Tom survives without doing a sausage!!


    Mega Hurts needs a new anti virus.

    Next up...Big Nipper vs Corkscrew 2 vs Suicidal Tendencies.

    Sorry that the fight was short. I need to get back into my rhythm...

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    sorry I haven't been replying to this predictable fight but well done nonetheless

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    You'd THINK I'd be able to FINISH a tournament.....over a month and nothing.....good lord. ><

    If this gets me anywhere, I'll skip the intros entirely. Use your imagination, it'll be easier.

    (Sgt Bash and Cassius Chrome)


    The three break from their positions. Corkscrew dodges away to attempt to get up to speed. Big Nipper persues, Suicidal Tendencies is a little slower to react. Corkscrew 2 gets its blade spinning up, whilst the crusher robots come into contact with each other. Big Nipper, however, manages to dodge away from Suicidal Tendencies crusher before it can come down! Corkscrew drives into the side of Suicidal Tendencies.
    A meaningful hit, but no damage caused at all. And it looks to me like the blade has ground to a stop. Big Nipper drives underneath Suicidal Tendencies and attempts to lift it, but the tracked robot evades capture. Corkscrew, meanwhile, drives towards the arena wall, as Suicidal Tendencies drives into it again, scoop first! Corkscrew 2 manages to drive off the scoop before the crusher can be bought into play, but it drives into the arena wall by mistake, and now Big Nipper enters the fray, and gets its claws underneath Corkscrew's blade. It manages to lift....and one of the claws manages to get hooked in the frame of Corkscrew's blade! But Suicidal Tendencies also drives towards Big Nipper, and brings down its claw....RIGHT INTO BIG NIPPER!! THE THREE MACHINES ARE NOW LOCKED TOGETHER IN MORTAL COMBAT!! Who has control over this? Suicidal Tendencies by the looks of things! It manages to drive the other two machines, Corkscrew still attached to Big Nipper's claws, whilst Big Nipper trying to pull away, into the pit release button! The pit decends, as Suicidal Tendencies forces the two towards the pit! Big Nipper, hanging over the edge, tries to lower its claws....and as it does so, Corkscrew just about slips off and falls into the pit, followed by Big Nipper moments later as Suicidal Tendencies lets go!


    QUALIFIERS - Big Nipper and Suicidal Tendencies.

    ROUND 2
    General Carnage 2 vs Big Nipper
    Major Tom 3 vs Suicidal Tendencies

    OK, definately have GOT to get this done now.

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    My Tactics are to avoid big nipper's front at all costs, if he goes for the lift, move quickly and flip, take him to the house
    robots then the pit

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