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Thread: Fanfic Wars - Series 1

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    Just to point out right away, this is not a real tournament, it is a hypothetical. And I've done this before with limited popularity, it not having been on a forum this scale ( ... 504&page=1 ). So I'm re-trying it here to kick some interest back into Fanfic.

    It's a predicting game! 64 real robots and 64 vapourbots are participating, and the seeding is taken from what would have been Series 8 of Robot Wars, had all the seeds returned. I've done the line-ups, and I will post detailed results one heat each, round-by-round; thou shalt predict! The points are as follows...if you predict:

    One Round 1 robot that goes through to Round 2, you get 1 point
    Two Round 1 robots in separate fights - 2 points
    Two Round 1 robots in the same fight - 3 points
    Three Round 1 robots... - 4 points
    All Round 1 robots... - 5 points
    One Round 2 robot that goes through to the Heat Final - 3 points
    Both robots... - 5 points
    Robot that wins a heat - 5 points
    One robot that wins a semi-final in Round 1 - 5 points
    Two... - 7 points
    Three... - 9 points
    All... - 10 points
    One robot that moves on to the Grand Final - 8 points
    Both... - 10 points
    One robot that moves on to the Final - 10 points
    Both... - 15 points
    Robot who wins the Play-off - 15 points
    Winner of the Series - 25 points


    So, who wants to participate?

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    I'll give it a go

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    yeah, il give it a go

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    Count me in. What/how many do we enter?

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    I'll give it a go.

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    Im in! nice one

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    I'll give it a shot!

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    Well, seeing as I've gone through everybody in my MSN list and gotten their responses, I'm going to post the first heat now. Anyone who wishes to join can still do so, even throughout the entire game. But I think it's time to get this started.

    For convenience, most of the vapourbot stats can be found in...
    Pussycat Tribute Tournament 5
    The Crash & Burn Tournament 4
    ┬┐ZED? Vapourbot Resource

    Other stats may require you to do a bit of tournament browsing to make a more accurate prediction, but hey, it's not required. :P


    Heat A
    Typhoon 2 (1) vs. Obsidian vs. Darkestar vs. Intensity
    Robochicken Evo (32) vs. E Clawdius Unum vs. 0001 vs. The Deer

    Predictions for Round 1, if you please!
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