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Thread: Razer and Matilda

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    According to a post from Vincent Blood Razers former 3rd team member on youtube, the Razer team were told that if they won the fight they could then destroy matilda, as the producers wanted to rebuild her

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    Wouldn't surprise me actually, if you think about it she had her flywheel fitted after that. So may as well let the old one go out in style

    They said the flywheel was interchangeable with the chainsaw but as far as I'm aware there were actually two whole Matildas, one with the chainsaw and one with the flywheel (noticed that in a picture in one of the live event programmes back in 2001). Never saw the chainsaw Matilda in a fight after the flywheel came in though, bit of a shame since it was the original setup, even though it was becoming pretty ineffective.

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    Do you have a link? Several people have uploaded that fight

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    this is the link to the fight ill find a link to the comment later

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    The only other time I saw Matilda with her chainsaw after that was in Season 2 of Extreme Warriors. She used it in the Rosie the Riveter/Techno Trousers and Nickelodeon Mayhem fights (where Rosie almost overturned her again ).

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    Vincent Blood said it was filled with parrafin

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