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Thread: X-fire

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    Can anyone remember a Programme on channel 4 called cross fire it was yet another programme made by Mentorn that got axed.

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    I remember it. Paintball show, like a live action computer game.

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    ahhh i didnt reall the name but it was a cool show went was on

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    I think that there's a paintball based show on virgin 1 at some time before 9 on I can't remember what day.

    This might be it.

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    Apparently channel 4 axed it after 9/11 i dont really see why it was supposed to simulate video gameplay with bond style storylines it used to be on on a tuesday at 6:00 or 1/2 6 i think

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    To answer your question jordan unless they are repeats on virgin 1 it wont be x-fire as only one series was made

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