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Thread: UK Kilobots - 1.362kg (3 lbs) Combat Robots

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    Ye thats why i was saying we would like to try encourage people to have an active weapon, makes for more interesting fights. But its not an enforced rule. My fave robot from robot wars was storm II. That didnt need the lifter. Id rather watch storm II fight without the lifter than watch alot of the other robots with flippers and the pathetic spinning weapons alot of them had etc.
    If sombody makes an impressive box it will make a more exciting fight than just 2 robots with average weapons fighting.

    Flame Pit/Grill is sounding good (you can pick the melted plastic off the arena floor tho )

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    ill start the ball rolling



    will be similar to drill zilla off robotwars but on wheels, will just be a rambot for now, then ill put a weapon on it at a later date or make something else from the bits- only took a day to make so far

    and its already over weight:P typical me

    might rebuild the heavy steel outside from ali or HDPE but not sure yet

    to hold it you'd think its no where near 1kg
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    Make the active weapon rule from the start and just cut the crap if you'll excuse the expression.

    There's no point in making a new weight class which is going to end up exactly the same as the featherweights, ie you either build a box or a bot with an incredibly powerful weapon to get rid of boxes. Throw in the active weapon rule and if you don't want to put a weapon on your machine then don't build one for this weight class, simple. I don't really see an active weapon rule putting anyone out of shape if the weight class is only getting off the ground and if you want to build a box rammer then build a featherweight or antweight.

    I do like the idea of an adjustable terrain to add another dimension to the fighting. If you wanna build a wedge in this instance feel free, it just might get caught up.

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    sounds good - look forward to seeing what people come up with

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    this isnt actually new, we did this back in 2001 at Robots at War in Croydon only difference is we had a size limit of 30cm by 30cm by 30cm
    I'm making one, wasnt aware we were going to put an active weapon rule in but thats not a problem

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    I think this is a grand idea. It should be easy to enter and use existing robotics parts without too much mechanical engineering skill.
    Though I am a bit concerned about something Gary brought up.

    Quote Originally Posted by typhoon_driver
    There's no point in making a new weight class which is going to end up exactly the same as the featherweights, ie you either build a box or a bot with an incredibly powerful weapon to get rid of boxes.
    Now, putting asides my opinion that the 'incredibly powerful weapon' develops box culture for a second, would it be worthwhile making damage a secondary objective here? I mean a basis of damage ruling supreme creates a highly engineered predator bot capable of destroying its prey, or a prey bot intent on surviving its predators for 5 minutes. This makes for terrible showmanship IMO. Prehaps a rule for all decisions to go through an audience might make a difference?

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    audiences are always more impressed with damage than anything else. Listen to the number of woos and excitement you get when a spinner destroys something compared to a crusher going through a piece of armour.

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    well for those not in the msn convos i have been planning/building this for a while, and if my camera wasnt up the wall id have lots to show you when this was called guntweights i was making mine a flamethrower, but with these new rules will it still be allowed?

    if not il make a spinner, but id prefer to do the flamethrower seeing as i have already made it :twisted:


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    I'd vote for instigating the active weapon rule from the beginning. I think we need one weight class where damage IS the key priority, apart from full combat featherweights, we don't have any left like that. This could be done safely and cheaply in a relatively small space, and still go all out for damage carnage, I'd be well up for that. If you don't want damage, don't enter! haha.

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