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    I believe my tactics for Macduff were going to be ganging up with Magnitude on Loki. Or just attack Loki anyway. :P Get rid of that annoying spinner first.

    I'll be using the plate set-up, by the way. Shove Loki into nasty things. Particularly Magnitude's nice flipper.

    Good job Sam.

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    You've had a lot of schoolwork for quite a while, my friend. Are you currently in college/university?

    Regardless, good to hear you're back.

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    Hello all. I'm back after finishing another year in college. Hopefully, I'll be able to post here a little more frequently from now on. I have the first round of Heat O right here.

    (* * *)

    Sam: Tonight, it's Heat O, which means there is only one more heat after this one until the series semi-finals. With each episode, we are getting very close to finding out a new champion, a robot that will be with the ranks of the former champion, Archangel of the Abyss. We have got some great matches coming your way this evening and the crowd is ready to begin the destruction, AREN'T YOU, GUYS?!


    Sam: Yes, the crowd knows that all hell could break loose tonight. So, without further ado... LET THE WAAAAAAAAAARS BEGIN!!!

    (BATTLE 1!!!)

    From Toronto, Ontario, MacDuff the 5th!

    MacDuff was beaten by Axeon after a hard fought battle last year in the Heat M Final. The lifting forks are great, and the six-wheel drive is not so shabby either. This could very well be a machine to be reckoned with. The interchangable set-ups also prove to be very useful (in this battle, MacDuff will be using the ramming plate), and the tough armour ensures that there will be plenty of protection as well. So how far will this machine go this time? We'll find out!

    From Pontefract, in Yorkshire, Magnitude!

    Magnitude is a newcomer, but not to be underestimated. This machine is a monster with a huge rear hinged flipper powered by gas, and a small four-bar lifting weapon on the front as well. The armour is also very strong, and it's very maneuverable as well, but limited gas could be the weakness here as with all flippers powered by pneumatics. Good machine nonetheless, and it is my personal favourite to win this heat.

    From Great Britain, Loki!

    This looks very frightening to me... good lord, what a deadly looking blade that is. That thing spins with the help of two S28-400 magmotors, and spins up to 3000RPM. Definitely a monster of a machine, and looks absolutely devastating. However, it's got a weak base armour and it is also a slow self-righter, but overall, this is an amazing machine with a deadly blow.

    Roboteers, stand by...

    All right then, the crowd is sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for action. In the first control booth, we have Kody Kunz and Joey McConnell driving MacDuff and Magnitude respectively. The other one has Lewis Matthews at the controls of Loki. The house robot drivers... well, I don't even have the slightest clue of where the heck they are. But anyway, the house robots will be Sgt. Bash with the lethal claw of death and the flamethrower, and the big daddy of them all, King Arthur with the jaws and the flywheel... my goodness gracious, look at the size of that monster.

    3... 2... 1... ACTIVATE!!!

    The Refbot signals the start of the match, and they're off! Magnitude is the first to move, and goes after Loki, but it does a good job of evading the front somehow. Loki is spinning up to full speed. Meanwhile, MacDuff is looking very good here, with the six-wheel drive, and the anti-spinner plate. Immediately it darts for Loki before it gets up to full speed, and rams it into the wall! That's a good tactic there by Kody, as his machine shows good aggression. Loki gets away, and now it spins up to speed here. It slams into the side of MacDuff!
    That attack sends MacDuff spinning away there, and what a good attack it was! No real damage caused here, just a small dent and a good display of sparks. That is sure to catch the judge's attention. Magnitude now chasing Loki around the ring here, very good new machine by a veteran player in Joey McConnell. Joey of course, has a machine in the semi-finals already in Eye of Ran with the devastating rotary weapon. We saw it causing some very serious damage to its opponent's wheels. Now, will Magnitude be another one, I wonder? Magnitude gets under Loki, and a mighty flip on Lewis' machine there! Loki is tossed into the air and tumbles back onto its wheels. Now Loki comes out unscathed from that assault... and now, it comes back on the attack, spinning up to speed. MacDuff is charging at Loki now and slams into the machine before it can reach full speed, and SLAMS it right into the saws with massive force! BZZZZT! Oh, sparks galore! How lovely. The audience goes nuts about it! What power from last year's heat finallist, as it shoves Loki into the saws! Loki gets away from the saws and spins up to full speed! Now, it avoids Magnitude's front, and slams into the but not from MacDuff... as it charges at Lewis' machine and slams it right into the CPZ of King Arthur, who is ready with the nasty rear end!
    ... and that is a CRUSHING hit! What a collision there as King Arthur's cutting disc absolutely gives it to Loki, and it is tossed away violently after the impact! Loki looks alright, as the weapon is still spinning, and now it gets away from the CPZ, but not from MacDuff as it is giving Loki no end of trouble! MacDuff now slams the spinner right into the saws again! BZZZZZT! Sparks are flying like heck, and now Loki is continuously being pestered by MacDuff! Magnitude also crashes their party and slams into Loki, and flips it onto its back! MacDuff now slams into the spinner, and where is Loki being taken to... oh no, Kody has that look on his face. HE WOULDN'T!!!
    OH MY GAWD!!! That is an absolutely CRUSHING hit as MacDuff slams the spinner right into King Arthur's cutting disc! What a hit that was, as it tosses Loki back onto its wheels! Even after taking punishment, somehow, the weapon is still able to work. Loki has spun up to full speed, and slams into the side of Magnitude with full power on the blade!
    Sparks are flying everywhere, and this place has gone bananas over it! Good attack there by Loki, and now it spins up again, but wait, what's this? MacDuff has slammed right into Lewis' machine before it gets to full speed and slams it into the pit button! The arena abyss slowly descends, with the siren... well, it honestly sends chills down my spine when I hear it. The pit opens up, waiting for someone to be swallowed whole. Magnitude tries slamming into Loki, and flips it 9 feet up in the air, sending it CRASHING down back on its wheels! MacDuff and Loki keep fighting on. MacDuff of course, has made it to the final of Heat M last year, beaten by Axeon there. It also had success in other tournaments as well. Loki spinning up again... but now, MacDuff slams into Loki, and it-- oh no, not this... NOT THIS!!!
    ... and that is a CRUSHING hit by the house robot. MacDuff has slammed Loki right into the CPZ of King Arthur who was ready with his cutting disc. Now, Loki is on its back... but unable to self-right! The bar is not spinning, and this means the srimech is done as well! I think that King Arthur's flywheel not only flipped Loki onto its back but also dislodged something inside of the machine. Whatever it is, it made the weapon stop spinning... there is no doubt that the wheels are still clearly spinning, but there is no srimech! Magnitude takes this to advantage, and Joey's machine crashes into Loki, and gets underneath... and carries it to the wall! Loki tries to get away... Magnitude carries the spinner to the wall... will it go out?! One flip and IT'S OVER! Loki has been put over the fence and onto the camera tracks! Wait a minute though, it looks like Magnitude is not done just yet! Magnitude goes into Sgt. Bash's CPZ and flips it over! Now, it slams into the house robot and pushes it out of the CPZ and closer to the pit... and now Lewis is yelling for Sgt. Bash to go down the pit! Oh man, it looks like Sgt. Bash is going to get dumped, and MacDuff is helping Magnitude in pushing the house robot into the pit! Magnitude lines up Sgt. Bash near the pit... and finally, Joey lets Kody do the honours. Any minute... now. BOOM!


    Loki is exiled out of the arena, while Sgt. Bash looks more like Sgt. BASHED.
    MacDuff and Magnitude go through to Round 2!
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    Sam: Welcome back, as we get to our second battle of the evening. Three robotic gladiators go in to mangle the crap out of each other... but one may come out missing some parts.

    (BATTLE 2!!!)

    From Bramford in Ipswich, Chaos 2!

    The legend, the two time Robot Wars champion, first robot to OOTA another robot, very experienced... and really, you could very well call this machine a phenom. The flipper has great power, and... well, heaven only knows how many machines it has tossed out of the ring. This machine is a true legend, but it's probably very old by now and I doubt that it will get past the heats, but you never know... :P

    From Bedford, in Bedfordshire, BIACS by Popular Demand!

    A very sleek looking newcomer here, as it has a disc on an arm which can swing to the rear. The disc also spins at very high speeds of 2450 RPM and dishing out 64kJ per hit. Could this machine be a dark horse, I wonder?

    From Glasgow, in Scotland, and 4th seeds, Mornington Crescent!

    Whirligig's "replacement" for this series, Mornington Crescent has finally showed up. It has not one, but two spinning rims, that spin in opposite directions, which strike the opponent with a force of a jackhammer, and it can run both ways up. This machine should be very frightening, but the question is, can this machine have an equal amount of success as Whirligig?

    Roboteers, stand by...

    Booth 1 is occupied by Tracy Farber at the controls of Chaos 2, and also Matt "Zarte" Fowler, at the controls of BIACS. Steve McGregor is in Booth 2 at the controls of Mornington Crescent, he looks ready as ever. As for the drivers of the house robots, well... their identities will probably never be discovered, unfortunately. Anyway, the house robots for this battle will be Matilda, the matriarch of mayhem, with the lifting forks and the lethal flywheel, and goodness me, it's Mindbender making a return, with the spinning hammerheads of doom.

    3... 2... 1... ACTIVATE!!!

    Here we go with the second battle of Round 1, with Mornington Crescent's unique weapon spinning up to speed here. Goodness me, that looks like a frightening weapon. Meanwhile Chaos 2 attacks BIACS, and slams into it and flipping it over. That's good power in the flipper there, but it has a limited supply of CO2 so it cannot go on forever. Chaos 2, we know all the success that it has had back in the days of Robot Wars, and it is the only robot to capture the Robot Wars championship twice. BIACS is a great machine, as well. It reached the series semi-finals in Crash and Burn 2, beating a formidable opponent in Enter the May Tracks in the Heat Final... and now it spins up and whacks the Robot Wars veteran from Ipswich with the disc!
    That sends sparks flying, and a gash has been made in the side of Chaos 2... and already, damage has been done to the veteran. There is a gash that is very visible in the side there. Good attack by BIACS, but now Mornington Crescent spinning here, and crashes into the former UK champion!
    The spinner sends Chaos 2 spinning away, and damage has been caused more. Chaos 2 loses armour in the process, and gets away... it chases after Mornington Crescent and plays the brave fool, and slams into it before it gets up to full speed! Now it flips the 4th seeds over, right onto its back! Now, Mornington Crescent competed as Whirligig in the last series. It was one round away from reaching the grand final but it was beaten by Archangel of the Abyss, the eventual champion. Meanwhile, now Chaos 2 stalking the bizarre-looking Bedford machine, BIACS and flipping it over, but it has no effect, because BIACS is invertible. BIACS now comes in on the former champ and gets the rnington Crescent, now spinning madly, and now it slams right into the former champion's side... oh no, Chaos 2 tries to get away...
    The spinner SLAMS the daylights out of Chaos 2 as it tears off some more armour... ay caramba. This doesn't look good for the former champ, as it gets absolutely terrorized by Mornington Crescent. Chaos 2 tries to hold on as it slams into BIACS and flips it over! BIACS is okay and now it spins its disc cutter up to speed. Now it fights back on Chaos 2 by turning and slamming the rear end with the disc!
    Now the top suffers some damage, and the top protective armour is ripped away, exposing the CO2 canister! This doesn't look good for the ex-champion of Robot Wars... oh dear. Chaos 2 made its debut in Series 3, never lost a match, until Bigger Brother stopped it dead in its tracks in the 5th Wars. A true phenom, but now it is in severe problems, and limping very heavily. Mornington Cresent now slams into the side of Chaos 2 with the ring that is almost moving in a blur!
    WHOA. That is an absolutely immense hit on the Robot Wars phenom. Honestly, I think the end is near for Chaos 2, as its right side panel is ripped away. My goodness, and what is even more shocking is the fact that Chaos 2 is still moving and trying to put up a fight. BIACS smells blood in the water, and goes for Chaos 2's rear with the disc... the phenom trying to get away...
    Well, no one can do anything about this. There goes the weapon of Chaos 2 as the CO2 tank ruptures, and now Chaos 2 is weaponless. Chaos 2 is limping even more now, and Mornington Crescent comes in on the side looking for another blow!
    My goodness, that is an absolutely frightening collision indeed, as a battery comes out of the machine. Chaos 2 was so good in Robot Wars, winning two consecutive championship titles. A brilliant machine is about to meet its doom here in the first round. Refbot comes to check on Chaos 2 to see if it's okay... I highly doubt it. The countdown is on!
    1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!!!
    The phenom of Robot Wars has gone out of the competition... and now the house robots close in on the beaten machine. Oh no... this is not good. Mindbender, I wouldn't do this if I were you... I'd be having second thoughts. This doesn't look good for Chaos 2 as Mindbender is spinning madly... OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
    BAH GAWD!!! BAH GAWD!!! I can feel that from where I am! This is just an absolutely brutal attack from Mindbender... my goodness, some more internals are strewn across the arena. Man oh man. The pit opens up, and Chaos 2 is being nudged into the pit by Matilda... and look at the damage that's been caused. That is immense, and finally Chaos 2 is at the lip of the pit, and one final nudge from Mindbender... BOOM! That's it!


    Chaos 2... what's happened to you??? :'(
    Mornington Crescent and BIACS by Popular Demand go through to Round 2!

    Round 2 Line-Ups
    Mornington Crescent VS Magnitude
    BIACS by Popular Demand VS MacDuff the 5th

    Tactics and predictions, por favor

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    Welcome back, Sam. w00ty fights

    Mornington Crescent vs. Magnitude

    Actually I think Magnitude's polycarb armour could be a hindrance here. MC to immobilize the tracks on one side of Magnitude and KO it.

    BIACS by Popular Demand VS Macduff the 5th

    I'll use the lifting wedge here. (set-up 2)

    That disc is fairly powerful, but it's not going to do much if anything to 7.5mm Ti10V armour, much less 5mm more of that if he tries attacking the sides/rear. So I'm pretty much indestructible. Therefore I'm just going to ram him straight into the pit here. I can't really damage him myself so I'll have to rely on that. I could try the house robots if he gets really pesky; he hardly has the armour I do.

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