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    ROBOBASH Series 2

    All right, just because I put up a new thread for a new tourney, doesn€™t mean I€™m necessarily going to start it now. This will start after the mini-tourney has been done. (Whenever that is )

    The €œPush and Shove Arena€ is a 25 X 25m square, with thick polycarbonate walls that are 40cm high, so the robots can throw another robot OOTA a lot easier. The pit, pit release button, and the flipper are exactly the same position as the RW arena. The pit and flipper are 5ft wide and 5ft long, and the flipper can flip up to 1500kg as well. There are also kill-saws that spin at 6000RPM, which are located on the right side of the arena. The flame grill is located on the left side. The drop zone is located on the middle, and also...

    This tournament contains house robots. Entering discretion is advised.

    Napoleon Botaparte

    Weight: 110kg.
    Shape: Reverse Wedge ala Bad Attitude.
    Colour: Blue, Purple and Navy.
    Dimensions: 120 X 100 X 37.
    Power: 2 X LEM-130's @ 48v, powered by several NiCad Batteries, Shock-Mounted.
    Wheels: 4 X Urethane Rubber Tyres with titanium hubs.
    Armour: 25mm Polycarbonate for sides, 5mm Hardox for front and rear wedges, 4mm Titanium for top and bottom.
    GC: 0mm for the wedges, 6mm anywhere else.
    Top Speed: 25 mph.
    Weapon: None.
    Srimech: Invertible, Side spikes prevent it from getting beached.
    Strengths: CRAZY PUSHER!!!
    Weaknesses: Exposed Wheels, duh.

    Mangled Metal

    Weight: 200kg.
    Shape: Cylinder ala Puck.
    Colour: Green.
    Dimensions: 120 X 115 X 23.
    Power: 2 X LEM-130's @ 36v powered by several NiCad's, shock mounted.
    Wheels: 4 X Aluminum Tyres with Urethane Rubber.
    Armour: 3.5mm Hardox for Top and Bottom, 6mm Hardox for weapon.
    GC: 6mm Everywhere.
    Top Speed: 10 mph.
    Weapon: 63kg Ring Spinner powered by a LEM-200, with 3 X 3kg Pussycat style blades and spinning at 1300RPM. Shock-Mounted to protect itself from its own blows.
    Srimech: Invertible.
    Strengths: Once it hits you, YOU will be mangled metal. Flipping it does nothing. At all. :shock:
    Weaknesses: Slow and Sluggish.


    Weight: 250kg.
    Shape: Cone with top 20cm cut off... kinda like Megabyte
    Colour: Swirl of black and white ala Hypnodisc.
    Dimensions: 115 X 115 X 27.
    Power: 2 X LEM-130's @ 36v, powered by several NiCad Batteries, Shock-Mounted.
    Wheels: 4 X Aluminum Wheels with Asmaprene Urethane Rubber on it.
    Armour: 4mm Grade 5 Titanium for the robot armour, 5mm Hardox for the weapon.
    GC: 5mm Everywhere.
    Top Speed: Roughly 8 mph.
    Weapon: Get this. A 59kg Whyachi style Spinning Cage powered by a LEM-200. This spins at 1500RPM, and has 3 X 1kg hardox claws to wreak havoc. Heavily Shock-Mounted, as well. Can you say, OUCH?!
    Srimech: None! But I'd like to see you get past his cage spinner. :shock:
    Strengths: Destruction to the MAX!
    Weaknesses: Flip it, and it'll be gone.

    Head Smash!

    Weight: 300kg.
    Shape: Think a box, with a Dantomkia-style front wedge, and a rounded back.
    Colour: Red, with an image of Decapitated Head on Top.
    Dimensions: 115 X 96.8 X 32.
    Power: 2 X E-Tek's @ 48v, powered by several NiCad Batteries.
    Wheels: 4 X Urethane Rubber Tyres with Hardox Hubs.
    Armour: 6.5mm Hardox, with 12mm Grade 5 Titanium for the Base.
    GC: 0mm for the front, 6mm for anywhere else.
    Top Speed: 19 mph.
    Weapon: A mega-powerful rack and pinion hammer. The entire hammer is made of hardox, and the hammerhead is shaped like the Judge's hammer. Powered by a couple of CO2 tanks @ 500PSI, and is able to obliterate aluminum, terrorize titanium, penetrate weak hardox. But who knows, it might even knock something loose inside of the victim.
    Srimech: Hammer, duh.
    Strengths: The Hammer, Pushing Power is really good, too.
    Weaknesses: So-so turning


    Weight: 400kg
    Shape: Invertible Box ala Tornado (Series 4)
    Colour: Metallic Silver
    Dimensions: 120 X 100 X 27
    Power: 2 X E-Tek's @ 48v, powered by a couple of NiCad's, shock mounted
    Tracks: Stainless Steel Tracks, with polyurethane rubber on it.
    GC: 5mm Everywhere
    Armour: 6mm Hardox Everywhere except for underbelly which is 15mm Titanium
    Top Speed: 20 mph
    Weapon: A set of Horizontal Claws powered by a Vivoil pump running off a S28-400, and tungsten-coated to induce some severe damage.
    Srimech: None, but Invertible; side cones stop it from getting beached
    Strengths: Very powerful Weapon. Pushing power is also good
    Weaknesses: So-so turning?

    King Arthur

    Weight: 750kg
    Shape: Box with a front Growler-like jaw, and a crown on top.
    Colour: Gold for the top and bottom, Silver for the front and back and Bronze for the sides
    Dimensions: 120 X 100 X 45
    Power: 2 X LEM-200's @ 60v, powered by several NiCads.
    Tracks: Vulkalon Coated Titanium Tracks
    GC: 0mm on the front, 5mm anywhere else
    Armour: 7mm Hardox Monocoque
    Top Speed: 10 mph
    Weapon: On the back, there is a huge 32kg vertical flywheel that is powered by a LEM-200, and spinning at 6000RPM. On the front, there is a set of vertical jaws (Think Growler, but much more powerful), powered by a Vivoil Pump running off a S28-400. It has 12 tungsten-tipped teeth inside the jaws to cause maximum damage.
    Srimech: None! :shock:
    Strengths: Indestructible.
    Weaknesses: No Srimech!


    Weight: 500kg
    Shape: Rollover Shape with low front wedge and fangs, and with a Medusa's head painted on each side.
    Colour: Camouflage tone of Chartreuse, Khaki, and Lime Green. It's so damn disgusting, you could almost puke...
    Dimensions: 120 X 100 X 27
    Power: 2 X E-Tek's @ 48v, powered by many NiCad's, shock-mounted
    Wheels: 4 X Vulkalon Coated Aluminium Tyres
    GC: 6mm Everywhere except the front, which is 0mm
    Armour: 5mm Hardox
    Top Speed: 15 mph
    Weapon: Crushing fangs made of hardox, and powered by an M-Mac M40 Actuator. The front wedge also has some barbs to trap other robots.
    Srimech: It rolls over onto its wheels every time it gets flipped over.
    Strengths: Extremely good weapon, can chew through almost anything (except for thick hardox)
    Weaknesses: ...

    Also, all the house robots from Robot Wars will be there as well.

    I need 12 people to enter 8 robots.

    Get entering

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    Whether you start it now or not, give me my space, please. Redesigning Macduff at the moment, will post all stats when he's done.

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    ooh reserve!

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    im deciding to enter... as its a good time to make my vapour bot debut

    hammer and nails

    Weight: 100kg
    Shape: large wedge
    Colour: black
    Dimensions: i remember now length 0.99 meters width 0.25
    Power: 2 X LEM-130's @ 48v, powered by several NiCad Batteries, Shock-Mounted.
    Wheels: steel tank tranks inside the wedge
    Armour:5mm Titanium for top,bottom and sides
    GC: 0mm
    Top Speed:12 mph
    Weapon: pneumatic sharp axe/ flipper as axe head can ber removed, powered of a fire exstinguisher can cause big holes in sheet steel and can smash polycarbonate to pieces
    Srimech: axe and the axehead can be removed for flipper
    Strengths:strong weapon
    Weaknessespponent has to be infront of it

    hope it gets in

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    ...Lian, I'd advise rechecking the stats of that thing :P 25mm titanium is a little bit thick, that thickness all over has a very good chance of being overweight by itself, never mind including the rest of the robot in it.

    Some stats on the weapons would help as well, there are a million different types of pneumatic axes and sharpness thereof...and as the creator of a vapourbot, you're expected to know its dimensions XD I'd advise you check the Beginners Guide To Vapourbots, and try and come up with sections realistically for yourself as opposed to copying from peoples' stats things that you don't entirely understand. Being new I'd post stats in the How Could I Improve pt. 2 thread and get them approved before entering them in things

    (oh, and I'll reserve while I'm here Sam :P)

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    joey its solved my memory is a bit crap

  7. #7's still a bit vague, look at the stats of other vapours and - while trying not to copy their bits directly :P - look at them and learn from what they've used so you can use similar. 'big holes in sheet steel' and 'smash polycarbonate to pieces' are impressive sounding but unless you have stats to back that up you're just making empty threats :P

    I'd still go on How Could I Improve and get your bots checked there, people there can offer better advice from past examples than I can at the beginning of Sam's tourney thread.

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    Wow, that was quick.

    I'm still playing around with more ker-azy ideas for the line-up, so I'll reserve a spot for whenever Series 2 kicks off.

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    Intriguous (2)

    Shape: Long low box.

    Colour: Main body is black, and the reinforcing armour is a mix of mostly chartreuse, and other greens.

    Weight: 100kg

    Drive: 2 LEM130 Lynch motors, undervolted at 24 volts and geared on a 9:1 ratio for better acceleration.

    Power: 7 M1 A123 Lithium-Ion packs, weighing in at 5.6kg.

    Motivation: 4WD on a simple skid steer; the tyres are grooved for better acceleration and are foam-filled with a urethane coating in-between the grooves of the tyres. This coating is the same as used on Storm II.

    Speed: 12mph, should get to that immediately.

    Armour: A one-piece 4mm Hardox monocoque, so that individual panels cannot be simply torn off. Surrounding that are several 7.5mm Grade 5 titanium bars and pipes. Skirt and wedge supportings are 5mm titanium, the skirts themselves are 5mm titanium as well, and the front hinged wedge is 5mm Hardox. The axe shaft and head are also titanium. 5mm Hardox panels can be placed around the tyres on top, in case there's an axe or crusher I am fighting.

    Ground Clearance: 0 at the front and sides owing to the front wedge and side skirts. The skirts at the sides are detachable, depending on what opponent I am facing. Underneath that, and the rear, it's 15mm.

    Turning Circle: Spins on the spot, so 0.

    Dimensions in CM (LxWxH): 102 x 82 x 16

    Weaponry: A pneumatic axe, running off a similar system to RFL superheavyweight robot, The Judge. Intriguous uses 2 custom 2.5kg CO2 tanks and a gigantic 225mm stroke 200mm bore ram for its axe, and it has enough power for 15 full pressure shots which should cause some major damage to any kind of armour. If per chance the axe somehow is taken off, Intriguous can use the front wedge to ram other bots around.

    Srimech: Axe, but it can run invertible if the axe gets ripped off somehow and the wheel protectors are off.

    Notes: This is a Rhino render, not a 3DS Max render.

    BIO: Intrigue's come a long way from being a sub-par axe bot with a terrible ground clearance to a huge heavy hitting axer. Now in its 4th generation...and it just won the Pussycat Tribute Tournament: Regeneration, thus making it my most successful vapourbot family. I will never understand how this happened. XD

    Theme song = Silenced by Mudvayne


    Tira VI (3)

    Shape: How do I explain this without referring to the render...I guess I can't. Look at it. Now. :P And for those who can't see it, err...oh boy, umm...she's a reverse wedge with rounded sides and front 'wings' that come out from the sides and run along the ground. She also has two front prongs connected to the rear front-hinged flipper. These prongs surround the disc.

    Colour: Mix of reds, oranges, and browns.

    Weight: 100kg

    Drive: LEM130 Lynch motors @ 36.3v, geared 6:1.

    Power: 11 M1 A123 Lithium-Ion battery packs.

    Motivation: Inner 4WD. CNC hubs, urethane coated just like Storm II's wheels.

    Speed: 13mph (geared to acceleration)

    Armour: 5mm Ti/V for pretty much the entire body except the prongs. The prongs are 5mm Hardox. The rear skirt is 6mm Grade 5 titanium.

    Ground Clearance: 0mm at the front (10mm under the disc), 0mm at the rear with the skirt on (5mm without skirt), 10mm at the sides of the 'wings' and 15mm at the actual sides.

    Dimensions in CM (LxWxH): 110 x 85 x 35

    Weaponry: Tira VI continues the trend of having a vertical disc, and thus in this incarnation she has a 13kg titanium vertical disc at the front, sporting 3 2kg teeth, powered by the same 3125XP Husqvarna chainsaw engine used last time. It can dish out about 45kJ at 1250RPM, but it doesn't go higher than that. She can reach 1250RPM in approximately 1 second thanks to some decent geardown (indirect thanks to Tom Roper for that :P). It's meant for fast hits, not severe shocks (although those aren't fazed out of the equation really, 45kJ is rather a lot in itself. )

    The second weapon is a front-hinged flipper. At the rear, that is. However, it's not really used much as a weapon, more of a srimech than anything, but as an afterthought, a skirt is at the rear to compensate the 5mm ground clearance under the flipper. There are prongs attached to the flipper, fixated between the front disc, so if a rammer tries anything funny on the disc, the prongs are there to act as a rear-hinged flipper and toss them up and over. The flipper itself is powered by a 1kg CO2 tank and 75mm x 50mm ram, so she has 15 flips.

    Srimech: Flipper

    BIO: After struggling to find a good design, with some help I've managed to pull this off. Tira V had srimech issues, but this version doesn't thanks to the lower stance, front 'wings' and wider back. Now then...let's play, shall we? Your move.

    Theme song = Our Truth by Lacuna Coil


    7roubloon (

    Shape: See the render for accuracy - it's a box with a front plow/wedge and inverted reverse plow/wedge. Has spikes on the sides.

    Colour: Render tells all.

    Weight: 100kg

    Drive: 2 S28-400 MagMotors slightly overvolted @ 26.4v and geared 6:1 for average mix of speed, acceleration, and control

    Power: 8 M1 A123 Lithium-Ion packs

    Motivation: The main change here is the new 4WD 7roubloon has over last generation. This means 7roubloon will be much more stable after a hit. The wheels are inner, and are 17.5cm diameter CNC aluminium hubs with the usual urethane tires

    Speed: 13mph

    Armour: 5mm Ti/V alloy all around, slightly tougher than the 3.2mm Hardox from Troubloon 6.

    Chassis: 5mm steel ladder chassis, sturdy and able to bear heavy hits.

    Ground Clearance: 2.5cm under the disc, 1.5cm everywhere else

    Dimensions in CM (LxWxH): 95 x 85 x 17.5 (14.5cm without wheels)

    Weaponry: 7roubloon retains its front and rear horizontal discs from last generation, only now they weight about 5kg more, and are angled by about 15 degrees, so when fighting wedges, they are much more effective. Well, at least the front one is. The rear one is angled the other way, just in case a flipper decides to flip 7roubloon, in which case it will work exactly the same way up. Not that the rear disc can't hit anything, it's 15cm off the ground so bots with higher height than that should beware. Each disc is run on an S28-400 MagMotor run at 26.4v and powered by respective A123 packs. Geardown on the discs is about 3:1 so they should get to 2000rpm in about 5 seconds and have about 85kJ each to dish out.

    Srimech: Invertible.

    BIO: Basically radically altering Troubloon 6 after Troubloon 6's long stay in the field of activity.

    Theme song = Fake It by Seether


    Super Gore Septua (14)

    Shape: The front is straight and flat (behind the scoop :P), sides and rear kinda meet as shown in the render.

    Colour: Lots of blues and blacks, with bloodied-red claws on the tips and the far edges. The name's on top. The scoop's blue and red.

    Weight: 110kg

    Drive: 2 C40-300 MagMotors run @ 36.3 volts, geared 6:1

    Power: 11 M1 A123 Lithium-Ion packs in parallel

    Motivation: Two Grade 5 titanium tracks; each track has thin strips of rubber for better grip.

    Speed: 12mph average, can get to 20mph but it's geared more towards acceleration

    Armour: 7mm 7075 aluminium/zinc alloy, with an 6mm polycarb baseplate. The claws are sharpened 15mm Grade 5 titanium and the inner bearings and bulkheads are 10mm aluminium. The skirts are 3mm Grade 5 titanium and the scoop is 6mm Hardox 600.

    Ground Clearance: The front's 0 under the scoop, and 5mm behind it. Same with the side skirts: 0 under them, 5mm behind them. There's 5mm clearance at the rear as well.

    Turning Circle: 0

    Dimensions in CM (LxWxH)
    With claws: 100x80x20
    Without claws: 70x70x20

    1) Pneumatic crusher: it has 2 horizontal claws, each claw is powered by a big 150mm bore 90mm stroke ram and a 2kg CO2 bottle, at full pressure. Now they only come in piercing variety; gone are the interchangeable clamping claws. This should be enough to exert upwards of 25+ tonnes at both rams together, and 10+ tonnes at the tips. This should be enough to damage at least minimum thickness Hardox.
    2) Front scoop with little titanium claws atop to trap opponents. Basically they'll slide onto the plow, get trapped, and get squeezed.

    Srimech: Invertible.

    BIO: Super Gore now becomes a pneumatic horizontal crusher, with two large rams for huge damage potential. Kinda sacrifices some armour but meh. :P In its 7th generation now.

    Theme song = Synthetic by Spineshank


    Seung Mina VI (21)

    Shape: Gone back to the original III design with a few twists. She's a long, low wedge with the flipping arm in the middle, and sloped, curved sides. The rear is a reversed wedge, but rounded off at the bottom where the 2WD pokes out.

    Colour: Mix of whites and greens, with some red accents thrown in.

    Weight: 100kg

    Drive: 2 LEM130 Lynch motors run at 49.5v, gearing is an average 6:1; no overkill, but no slouching either.

    Power: 15 M1 A123 Lithium-Ion battery packs

    Motivation: 2WD inner; 200mm CNC hubs with the usual urethane tires. The wheels are big to provide more traction while still giving more weight at the front of the robot so the flipper gets under bots easier.

    Speed: 16mph

    Armour: 6mm Ti/V alloy with the flipping arm made out of 8mm Ti/V. The top claws are titanium and the underbelly is 10mm polycarbonate.

    Ground Clearance: 0mm at the front, rising at the sides from that to 10mm at the rear.

    Dimensions in CM (LxWxH): 105 x 102 x 30

    Weaponry: You know the drill for the Seung Mina series of vapourbots...what? You don't? Fine. It's a rear-hinged flipping arm, powered by 2 2.5kg CO2 tanks, a 5L buffer tank, and a 250mm stroke 100mm bore ram. This gives Mina enough power to easily clear about 2 tonnes, and has enough in the tank for 25 full power flips. The ram is positioned underneath the middle of the flipping arm.

    Also, the spikes from the SM3 design return, only they're more pointy and curved. They're to trap wedges that try to fly over SM6.

    Srimech: Flipper

    BIO: The Achilles clone hasn't had much luck, so we're going back to a winning design! SM6 has all that SM3 had, and more!

    Theme song = No Giving Up by Crossfade


    Wedginator 9.0 (23)

    Shape: Low/medium-sloping wedge with steeply sloping sides and a rounded rear

    Colour: Alligator texturing, cobalt cage, and reddish rear panel and lifting spikes. The face is dropped from 9.0 because it'd be hard to get on there. I'll save it for next generation.

    Weight: 100kg

    Drive: 2 LEM130 Lynch motors, volted at 36.3v and geared on a 4.5:1 reduction.

    Power: 11 M1 A123 Li-Ion packs with polypropylene cell holders so the batteries don't get damaged during battles

    Motivation: 4WD inner; the front two are standard wheels hubs are CNC aluminium and the urethane tires are foam-filled. The rear two are omni-wheels, similar to those of Root Canal; the purpose of these rear wheels is to help Wedginator move around the arena faster and turn without sacrificing speed or power.

    Speed: 14mph, geared towards a high acceleration for quick sprints.

    Armour: Rather complicated; the main body is a 4mm Hardox monocoque, but bolted to/around that is a sort of cage that runs from the front ends along the side ground clearances and where the front and sides meet to the rear where it forms that bar set-up seen on Wedgin8or. The cage is 5mm titanium/vanadium alloy, and behind the rear bars, also like Wedgin8or, is another panel made of 15mm HDPE to absorb blows.

    Ground Clearance: 0mm front, 10mm everywhere else

    Dimensions in CM (LxWxH): 105 x 75 x 22

    Weaponry: The first weapon is a pair of joint titanium lifting arms ending in spikes, which run all the way up the wedge. They're about 5cm wide and are powered by a linear actuator which is positioned right under it. They can lift about 500kg and can rotate from with the wedge to 105 degrees off the wedge, getting there in about 1 second, so it's a relatively fast weapon, as fast to pneumatics as you can get.
    The second weapon is a pneumatic spike stationed halfway up the wedge and between the two arms. It's also made of titanium and has a hardened steel tip. Powered by a 2kg CO2 tank, it can exert approximately 900kg at the tip. It can pierce tires, underbellies, and can flip opponent onto their backs should they fall that far up the wedge, thus acting as a front-hinged flipper. Fires about 30 times.

    Srimech: Either the arms or the spike, but the spike's faster. If I can get away with it, I'd prefer using the arms since I won't waste gas for the spike.

    BIO: And here we have yet another Wedginator. Lotsa good stuff here; half-omnidrive and a lifter/spike conjunction, with a lovely casing to upset those spinners. Let's see how this one does, then...

    Theme song - Can't Wait For Violence by Nothingface


    Killobite Sigma (25)

    Shape: Please look at the render, lol. It's a pentagon wedge of sorts, with the rear panels angled ever so slightly with the front sloping down about 27o.

    Colour: Pic is self-explanatory, lol

    Weight: 100kg

    Drive: 2 S28-400s, run at 24v, and geared 4.5:1.

    Power: 4 NiCad Battlepacks

    Motivation: 4WD, similar to Razer. Urethane rubber for tires, CNC hubs for wheels.

    Speed: 12mph; 18mph max.

    Armour: 6mm Ti/V monocoque, with 3.2mm Hardox bars surrounding it.

    Chassis: 5mm steel

    Ground Clearance: The forks run along the ground, and can press into the ground via the lifter powering it, so absolute zero at the front, probably less than that. 20mm at the sides and rear, so it can try to drive away if wedged slightly. Skirts are overrated. :P

    Turning Circle: 0

    Dimensions in CM (LxWxH): 110 x 75 x 50 (with claw; 20cm height without the claw)

    Weaponry: The hardened steel crushing arm from Killobites 5.0 and Hex returns, and it is much much larger than either of those two incarnations. It's powered by a Vivoil pump, a LEM130 run on 48v, and appropriate NiCad batteries. It should put out approximately 25 tonnes at the ram, and 15 at the tip, making it very dangerous weapon to get caught by. It should at the very least dent moderate Hardox armour, and absolutely decimate any less armour it comes into contact with. The second weapons are the lifting forks at the front. They're powered by a lightweight linear actuating system and can lift about 250kg. They run flush with the ground and can lift 90 degrees in both directions, meaning they can press into the ground and negate any hinged/sprung/solid wedge attempts and get under them instantly, while the crusher comes into play. A deadly weapons synergy to fight.

    Srimech: A S28-150 activates a bungee-cord mechanism, which in turn activates the two 'wings' on the sides of the claw. It may be Razer-esque, but it's proven to work. :P Plus the angle of Killobite Sigma at the rear is such that it can't fall onto those sides and remain there; it'll get forced into a position where it can self-right.

    BIO: A deadly new version of Killobite, and the most lethal yet. Sigma was just a cool end-name to put at the end of it. :P

    Theme song = Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) by Chevelle


    Macduff the 5th (2

    Shape: Low box with a flat front, pointed sides (with removable skirts), and rounded rear.

    Colour: Varying shades of blue, with silver-ish weapon attachments and skirt hinges, and the Scotland flag on top.

    Weight: 100kg

    Drive: 2 LEM130 Lynch motors run on 49.5 volts, geared 4.5:1 for better acceleration than previously.

    Power: 5 packs each of 15 M1 A123 Lithium-Ion cells.

    Motivation: 6WD; the wheel hubs are CNC aluminium and the tires are Storm 2-esque urethane rubber.

    Speed: 15mph average; can get up to 30mph

    Armour: A 7.5mm Ti/V alloy monocoque, with extra 5mm Ti/V on the angled sides and rear. Side skirts are 5mm Grade 5 titanium. Weapon armour will be explained in said section.

    Chassis: 5mm steel ladder

    Ground Clearance: 0mm at the front with all set-ups except the drum, 15mm everywhere else.

    Turning Circle: 0

    Dimensions in CM (LxWxH): 100 x 80 x 15

    Weaponry: Macduff has interchangeable weaponry. Set-ups are below:

    SET-UP 1 - A pair of titanium lifting forks, diamond-tipped, powered by a lightweight linear actuator and can hoist 300kg. This makes Macduff's max weight about 97kg. Used against robots that attack with wedges, and bots that have skirts and low ground clearances. The main set-up.

    SET-UP 2 - A 5mm Hardox wedge, powered by the same system. Makes Macduff's weight the full 100kg. Used against invertible FBSs.

    SET-UP 3 - A angled, convex ramming bar made of 15mm Ti/V, built to withstand tough hits. Held in place with steel mounts, bulkheads, shock-padding, etc. Used against powerful, seemingly one-hit KO spinners. Removes the linear actuator but makes the full weight 100kg anyway.

    SET-UP 4 - A small rear-hinged flipper made of 5mm Hardox, and powered by a 1.5kg CO2 tank and a 75mm x 50mm ram. Can flip over about 250kg and can right Macduff if needed, and has about 20 flips. Has a 5mm titanium 50cm long extension. Makes Macduff's weight about 99kg. Used if needed to tip over opponents quickly.

    SET-UP 5 - A hardened steel spinning drum, ala Tornado, powered by a LEM130 Lynch motor at 36 volts. This removes the extra armouring on the sides and rear to accommodate the drum. The drum has two tungsten teeth to flip opponents quickly. The drum is 30cm wide, extrudes 15cm from the front, and is used against opponents with flipping arms, forks, and other attachments.

    Srimech: Invertible with all set-ups, but SET-UP 4 can right Macduff.

    BIO: Wider wheelbase, sleeker forks, skirts instead of spikes, rounded rear, new drum set-up...Macduff the 5th may seem like a mere freshening, but it ain't. Get ready for a whole new level of pain, laddies!

    Theme song = The Wolf Is Loose by Mastodon


    Entries are in, WARGH!

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