All right, just because I put up a new thread for a new tourney, doesn€™t mean I€™m necessarily going to start it now. This will start after the mini-tourney has been done. (Whenever that is )

The €œPush and Shove Arena€ is a 25 X 25m square, with thick polycarbonate walls that are 40cm high, so the robots can throw another robot OOTA a lot easier. The pit, pit release button, and the flipper are exactly the same position as the RW arena. The pit and flipper are 5ft wide and 5ft long, and the flipper can flip up to 1500kg as well. There are also kill-saws that spin at 6000RPM, which are located on the right side of the arena. The flame grill is located on the left side. The drop zone is located on the middle, and also...

This tournament contains house robots. Entering discretion is advised.

Napoleon Botaparte

Weight: 110kg.
Shape: Reverse Wedge ala Bad Attitude.
Colour: Blue, Purple and Navy.
Dimensions: 120 X 100 X 37.
Power: 2 X LEM-130's @ 48v, powered by several NiCad Batteries, Shock-Mounted.
Wheels: 4 X Urethane Rubber Tyres with titanium hubs.
Armour: 25mm Polycarbonate for sides, 5mm Hardox for front and rear wedges, 4mm Titanium for top and bottom.
GC: 0mm for the wedges, 6mm anywhere else.
Top Speed: 25 mph.
Weapon: None.
Srimech: Invertible, Side spikes prevent it from getting beached.
Strengths: CRAZY PUSHER!!!
Weaknesses: Exposed Wheels, duh.

Mangled Metal

Weight: 200kg.
Shape: Cylinder ala Puck.
Colour: Green.
Dimensions: 120 X 115 X 23.
Power: 2 X LEM-130's @ 36v powered by several NiCad's, shock mounted.
Wheels: 4 X Aluminum Tyres with Urethane Rubber.
Armour: 3.5mm Hardox for Top and Bottom, 6mm Hardox for weapon.
GC: 6mm Everywhere.
Top Speed: 10 mph.
Weapon: 63kg Ring Spinner powered by a LEM-200, with 3 X 3kg Pussycat style blades and spinning at 1300RPM. Shock-Mounted to protect itself from its own blows.
Srimech: Invertible.
Strengths: Once it hits you, YOU will be mangled metal. Flipping it does nothing. At all. :shock:
Weaknesses: Slow and Sluggish.


Weight: 250kg.
Shape: Cone with top 20cm cut off... kinda like Megabyte
Colour: Swirl of black and white ala Hypnodisc.
Dimensions: 115 X 115 X 27.
Power: 2 X LEM-130's @ 36v, powered by several NiCad Batteries, Shock-Mounted.
Wheels: 4 X Aluminum Wheels with Asmaprene Urethane Rubber on it.
Armour: 4mm Grade 5 Titanium for the robot armour, 5mm Hardox for the weapon.
GC: 5mm Everywhere.
Top Speed: Roughly 8 mph.
Weapon: Get this. A 59kg Whyachi style Spinning Cage powered by a LEM-200. This spins at 1500RPM, and has 3 X 1kg hardox claws to wreak havoc. Heavily Shock-Mounted, as well. Can you say, OUCH?!
Srimech: None! But I'd like to see you get past his cage spinner. :shock:
Strengths: Destruction to the MAX!
Weaknesses: Flip it, and it'll be gone.

Head Smash!

Weight: 300kg.
Shape: Think a box, with a Dantomkia-style front wedge, and a rounded back.
Colour: Red, with an image of Decapitated Head on Top.
Dimensions: 115 X 96.8 X 32.
Power: 2 X E-Tek's @ 48v, powered by several NiCad Batteries.
Wheels: 4 X Urethane Rubber Tyres with Hardox Hubs.
Armour: 6.5mm Hardox, with 12mm Grade 5 Titanium for the Base.
GC: 0mm for the front, 6mm for anywhere else.
Top Speed: 19 mph.
Weapon: A mega-powerful rack and pinion hammer. The entire hammer is made of hardox, and the hammerhead is shaped like the Judge's hammer. Powered by a couple of CO2 tanks @ 500PSI, and is able to obliterate aluminum, terrorize titanium, penetrate weak hardox. But who knows, it might even knock something loose inside of the victim.
Srimech: Hammer, duh.
Strengths: The Hammer, Pushing Power is really good, too.
Weaknesses: So-so turning


Weight: 400kg
Shape: Invertible Box ala Tornado (Series 4)
Colour: Metallic Silver
Dimensions: 120 X 100 X 27
Power: 2 X E-Tek's @ 48v, powered by a couple of NiCad's, shock mounted
Tracks: Stainless Steel Tracks, with polyurethane rubber on it.
GC: 5mm Everywhere
Armour: 6mm Hardox Everywhere except for underbelly which is 15mm Titanium
Top Speed: 20 mph
Weapon: A set of Horizontal Claws powered by a Vivoil pump running off a S28-400, and tungsten-coated to induce some severe damage.
Srimech: None, but Invertible; side cones stop it from getting beached
Strengths: Very powerful Weapon. Pushing power is also good
Weaknesses: So-so turning?

King Arthur

Weight: 750kg
Shape: Box with a front Growler-like jaw, and a crown on top.
Colour: Gold for the top and bottom, Silver for the front and back and Bronze for the sides
Dimensions: 120 X 100 X 45
Power: 2 X LEM-200's @ 60v, powered by several NiCads.
Tracks: Vulkalon Coated Titanium Tracks
GC: 0mm on the front, 5mm anywhere else
Armour: 7mm Hardox Monocoque
Top Speed: 10 mph
Weapon: On the back, there is a huge 32kg vertical flywheel that is powered by a LEM-200, and spinning at 6000RPM. On the front, there is a set of vertical jaws (Think Growler, but much more powerful), powered by a Vivoil Pump running off a S28-400. It has 12 tungsten-tipped teeth inside the jaws to cause maximum damage.
Srimech: None! :shock:
Strengths: Indestructible.
Weaknesses: No Srimech!


Weight: 500kg
Shape: Rollover Shape with low front wedge and fangs, and with a Medusa's head painted on each side.
Colour: Camouflage tone of Chartreuse, Khaki, and Lime Green. It's so damn disgusting, you could almost puke...
Dimensions: 120 X 100 X 27
Power: 2 X E-Tek's @ 48v, powered by many NiCad's, shock-mounted
Wheels: 4 X Vulkalon Coated Aluminium Tyres
GC: 6mm Everywhere except the front, which is 0mm
Armour: 5mm Hardox
Top Speed: 15 mph
Weapon: Crushing fangs made of hardox, and powered by an M-Mac M40 Actuator. The front wedge also has some barbs to trap other robots.
Srimech: It rolls over onto its wheels every time it gets flipped over.
Strengths: Extremely good weapon, can chew through almost anything (except for thick hardox)
Weaknesses: ...

Also, all the house robots from Robot Wars will be there as well.

I need 12 people to enter 8 robots.

Get entering