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Thread: A New and exciting product from Roaming Robots - Battle Ratz

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    A New and exciting product from Roaming Robots

    €œBattle Ratz €œ

    Over the last 5 years we€™ve had a range of robots which we€™ve used as a our fleet of pay to drive robots. Literally thousands of people have enjoyed driving and battling the robots during birthday parties, corporate events, school fetes, etc€¦. which we€™ve been involved in.

    Earlier in 2009 we took the plunge to make an investment into a new fleet of robots, which are now called €œ Battle Ratz €œ It has been a joint effort between myself and Trevor Wright, and finally it is ready to be launched.

    Every week I am asked many times €œ how to build a robot ? €œ so thought it was about time we did something about it.

    What we have now, is a flexible, affordable Robot Kit, which not only gives people the chance to buy a simple working chassis, but also a fully built robot to take part in events all over the UK. You can either have a €œrambot€ wedge with no weapon, or an electric lifter, or a spring powered flipper. Either way you buy the parts, and with a simple set of tools you can build your very own robot, or even upgrade it using some of our upgrade packages.

    We have invented the entry class as an easy way for people to get involved and take part in our events, the Feather Weight class is now so advanced that it is just as hard to get into and be competitive as the Heavy Weight class.

    If people do want to compete, we plan to run the Battle Ratz we sell, along side our pay to drive robots in the same arena. The introduction of the new robots with weapons has now transformed our Pay to Drive setup, with an upgrade arena including arena effects, and a token operated control system.

    Over the summer, we successfully trialled the operation which has set us in good stead for the future. We are already in talks with attractions around the UK about hosting Battle Rat competitions throughout the year. Wicksteed Park during the October Half term could be our next event, and we will be inviting feather weight teams to join us over the period we are there to act as house robots.

    They are now available to be purchased via the RR shop, have a look and see what you think, we welcome any feedback about what we are trying to do.

    Roaming Robots.
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    very impressed, i think they are a good idea and i hope they start flying off the shelves with ease

    i like how there are the different packages aswell

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    yeh they look really great wish these were around when i started and the prices are really good

    sent you an email john


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    Looking good, hopefully we'll see lots of newcomers using these as a starting point

    Needs some huge furry ears though...

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    Love the look of the kits. My only thoughts, wouldn't it be better to use 2.4GHz sets instead of futaba 4 channel ones? Far cheaper, more channels, no problems with interference and no messing around with xstals.

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    A couple of questions about building these:

    1. Do we have to use the kits to be able to enter?

    2. What limitations are there on these (rule set)?

    These kits are undeniably cool and my dad would let me build one of these (I also know at least two people who would be very interested).

    If there were an applause smiley then I would be using it.

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