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Thread: A New and exciting product from Roaming Robots - Battle Ratz

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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Gary, that€™s a good idea actually to offer the spectrum€¦ I€™ll look into that and get it added!

    What we are trying to do is solve the problem of HW and FW could be seen to be too far advanced that they have become slightly unreachable for a novice. Plus getting asked how to build a robot, and not having a solution is annoying.,

    Battle Rat events will hopefully be an equal test, not only your construction skills, but driving and tactical skills aswell. The events will take the emphasis away from how much money you€™ve spent on your robot, how much Titanium or Hardox you€™ve used, or how nasty your weapon is.

    There will be two classes at our events, - Standard and modified.

    The standard class will be for those of you who buy a robot kit from us, you€™ve built it, you€™ve practiced it, and its time to test it.

    The modified class will have a set of strict guidelines, you will be able to enter modified and upgraded Battle Ratz, or even a robot you€™ve made from other parts yourself. But our strict guidelines must be followed. No room for cheaters !!

    The events will feature a series of rounds, gaining points along the way€¦.. rounds of assault course, sumo, robot football, and other games along the way will certainly test your skills.

    Exciting stuff !!

    Roaming Robots

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    Quote Originally Posted by roamingrobots
    There will be two classes at our events, - Standard and modified.
    Funnily enough I was just wondering what would happen if we crossed the robot fighting with power tool drag-racing

    Seriously though, sounds like a good plan to make it easier to get people into this sport. Most featherweights are just too advanced to make the construction of a survivable (is that actually a word??) first-time featherweight robot viable, although John Frizell's machines could be looked at as being a workable and low-cost solution.

    You can tell times have moved on, since FWs used to be the easy way of getting in to robots. Having the robot assualt course, sumo and football harks back to the RRC and UKRG days and they were always fun to compete in so it should work well.

    All the best for these Battle Ratz Jonno!

    P.S. The Behind-the-Scenes RR DVD for sale in your shop, would it be possible for me to collect a copy from you on Sunday at Liam's party in exchange for cash? (I could get English banknotes if you don't like Scottish ones )

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    is that a spectrum compatibility issue? They work fine on the 40 mhz we're using at the moment?

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    I must admit I was very skeptical about these machines at first, but after checking them out at Fairford and driving them for a couple of minutes I have to say these are very nice machines indeed.

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    we do them in red. . . He should buy one. Might look a bit familiar. :-)

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