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Thread: Team Orr's new creations...

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    hmmm well may as well put it out there, i now own donner, its awsome, thanks again to alex, didnt come with those sandels but i think il live

    its gonna be called ministrom (after maelstrom) and iv already mouted everyting up, just need to wire it up and itl be done

    its a bigun, and it managed to lift me up (which is quite some feat let me tell you lol :P) and its looking really good, pics to follow

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    Again, very nice

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    right, got the bandsaw back from the guy who accidently took it to brazil :P (long story) so i cut out the lid for prodigy, made shells for the ants and made a flipper arm for the flea

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    Hi all, well im in the middle of making a kilobot, its a full bodied spinner

    These are the parts iv got so far:

    Brushless system: ... 5ad6ac2841

    Lipo: (2nd from bottem)

    Shell: modded frying pan ( as seen in )

    Drive: 2x modded standard servos


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    update on drum spinner:

    well, going to whitwick has given me some more enthusiasm to get back to building! im now picking upwhere i left off with the drum spinner, and im gonna finish it this tiime for sure, no more new progects for a while *cry*

    anyway a few pics of parts iv got:

    basicly 2x drills, 2x blue wheels, 1x 4mm mild steel shell, 1x team thants weapn controller, 1x big ass motor, 2x 12v sla's, 1x hdpe(?) or nylon rod (jamie?)

    im not too sure about 2 things:

    1: the rod is qute big and weights 1.5kg, and its very strong, would i get away with using it as a drum? or should i go metal?

    2: the motor, itson the large side and havig it means mounting it outside ( ) of the robot, im thinking about using 2x speed 900's but iv heard good things about brushless setups, but as always im doing it on the cheap :P

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    I wouldn't recommend a plastic drum spinner. Drilling and tapping for teeth would be a nightmare and any other spinner will take chunks out of it.

    Plus with a spinner you want to have as much of the mass as far from the central axis of rotation. Increases the amount of kinetic energy it can store. You would be better trying to get a hold of a thick tube of steel. Its the kind of thing you can find on ebay for cheap. ... 439d6f2e23

    Just as a quick example, although you might wanna find something with a bit of a larger diameter or thickness depending on your design. You might be able to get a suitable offcut for next to nothing if you chat nice to a local metal supplier.

    The motor looks a bit big for a featherweight spinner. Speed 900s would do the job happily, even 1 works well with a drum spinner. On a disc spinner you would need a second.

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