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Thread: New Project Big Robot Thingy

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    Excellent big-wheeled robots this is the future no more tin plated snails getting stuck on an atom sticking up from the floor!
    Robots bundling up like a banger racing smash lots of action rather than the lumbering molluscan gastropoda struggling to move across a piece of MDF they are so boring!
    Never Mess With THE SAINT

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    I wholeheartedly agree Craig!

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    Dave, just as a side-note and something I've always wondered? Is there meant to be a 'y' missing in your signature, where it currently just reads 'Gracefull' ?
    (random question I know )

    Good luck with the new build, looks to be coming along nicely so far
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    Yes Jamie, there is supposed to be a Y there. lol. I'll change that methinks.

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    Yes, I know, I've barely updated this at all, but I've been dead busy. Anyway, robot is now pretty much 100% different from all that this post has previously said, as happens with so many of my projects. However, it is getting very close to being ready, fingers crossed.
    There aren't that many pics around, kind of want to wait til it's finished, but here's a recent just to keep you all happy. ... =502594561

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