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Thread: Power Tool Drag Racers

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    Mines done, i'll get some photos up soon.

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    Heres mine.


    Originally I had two tracks but it was a nightmare to tension them and it added a good few kilos in weight. I had to break down a chain saw chain and a regular chain to make my hybrid chain. You might wanna stand well back when its running as there is a good chance that the chain could explode :P
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    Graeme, that second one with the two 900W angle grinders looks immense - nice work!
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    Quick pic of mine.
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    Some of those are looking awesome
    Now most of the actual system in done I am now working on my ride on, and then on all my many other indoor racers. Keeping them all under wraps untill the event though

    The ride on dragster is a last minute thing, it was supposed to be kept nice, cheap and simple to have a little bit of fun - but you know us! Its now cost a fair bit more than i wanted to spend, got a fair bit more complictated, and now i want to find a way of beating the gadget shows entry! Things never stay simple
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