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Thread: AJWars: Era Ache

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    Assuming I havent missed my place... Ill go for Achilles

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    Oh, the confusion and delay!

    Heres a brand new, possibly overweight entry if permitted.

    NAME- Mornington Crescent
    SHAPE- flat cylinder
    COLOUR- white, with the London Underground sign for Mornington Crescent on the top and bottom
    WEIGHT- approx 100kg
    DIMENSIONS- 100cm X 20cm
    SPEED- 12mph
    ARMOUR- 3.5mm Hardox
    MOVEMENT- 4 x inner wheels
    POWER- 2 x S28-400 Magmotors, running at 24v
    WEAPONS- Mornington Crescent is armed with not one, but TWO outer spinning rings, one on top of the other. The top ring spins anticlockwise, while the bottom ring spins clockwise. Each ring has four teeth and weighs about 10kg. The rings are powered by an LEM-130 running at 36v each and can reach speeds of 1500rpm. The two rings spinning in alternate directions should also help the robot be easier to drive - theoretically, anyway.
    SRIMECH- invertible
    NOTES- flies Scotland flag, thanks to Joey and Andy for helping with stats
    STRENGTHS- two spinners for the price of one, nippy, manoueverable, tough, more controlled than regular ring spinners
    WEAKNESSES- wheels open to axes and crushers, unpredictable bouncing?

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    Back to Rock III please

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