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Thread: Middle Weight Competition?

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    Hey, Do you think its possible to get some sort of MW competition going? I know that with there only been a few MW robots about we wouldnt be able to have competitions in the same format as they do with the FW champs and HW champs, But we should have somthing right?
    I was thinking about something like a championship that can change hands throughout the year rather than it been decided at just 1 event a year. A little like the Robot Wars challenge Belt competition but without the 3 wins and you keep it part.
    All we would need to ask is that we get a slot in the live shows. Just 1 slot in a live show every month or 2.
    What do you think?

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    i think thats a great idea

    i would like to one day move up from feather weights and make a heavy weight but i would like to make a middle weight before that.

    yeah----if you win the fight you keep the trophy or belt and if you loose you give it to the other robot.

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    Yeah, Hopefully we will be able to sort somthing out early next year, Just gotta see what the event organisers think to it. Maybe try get the first championship fight at the Barnsley Bash at the Metrodome in feb.

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    ide be up for that

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    trouble is numbers of middleweights
    there are 3 running that i know of, Tanto Jnr, Maxus and Voodoo

    cant do a championship with that few really, theres a few being built but Feb would be too soon to start a competition

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    well we were going to make one, but because theres not any competitions just for middleweights we decided not to. If there was a competition started, even if there were only a few in it it might encourage other people to get involved.
    just my theory ;-)

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    Yea, I hope more people get involved, Even when theres a few more middles, its going to be hard to decide on an event that most of us can make. Thats why i thought the championship that could change hands would be a good idea. That way u only need 2 MW bots to show up. I was just thinking if there only every couple of month for now there should be some new middles about by the time the current active middles have battled.

    (Message edited by xtreme on December 12, 200

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    how heavy are middleweights?

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