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Thread: Middle Weight Competition?

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    fine by me

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    Just gotta get maxus working again now. It will be just a rambot for a while. Hopefully ill get the 4 bar done after a few events.

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    Lol seems like there has always been a problem getting the middleweights fighting in this country. Way back in the day it took some real hard work to get robot wars to host a middleweight championship at extreme 2.

    The funny thing is that the middleweight field had a greater diversity of machines than any other.

    Good luck guys, I may come along with a middle in the future if they pick up.

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    I hope this happens

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    If u want it to happen make it happen
    The more people that take the risk and just dive into the MW class the more chance it has of becoming popular. The chance of it becoming as popular as FWs and HWs is very unlikely, but is that a bad thing?
    Middles are perfect for people who want to move up from a feather but cant build a heavy for whatever reason. Like with me if i did want to build a HW, i dont want to but if i did i would have no way of transporting a heavy to events so heavys would be ruled out for me so that would make a middle perfect for me..

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    well well have at least one middle comp at Rebel Robots maybe when the other Event organisers announce their events for 09 we can have maybe 10 set events where we can run the MW championships

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    Maxus takes up less room than Hooligan one of my FWs

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    Tanto HW takes up less space than Tanto Jnr MW

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