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Thread: Middle Weight Competition?

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    55kg top limit

    I can fit a middleweight rumble in Rebel Robots, does make some sense, Tom me and Tony can all take our middles and have the first of a championship that Tom has come up with
    i think the term is a ladder style, use a rumble to sort the order then you can start a ladder and any newcomers over the year just get added to the bottom of the ladder

    similar to how boxing works you up for that Tom?

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    Sounds Perfect.

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    Yeah could do, so it would basicly be the top ranked MW at the end of the year would get an seperate award.
    We will have to decide what type of award we are going to have for the ladder style competition. Could be a verbal title, a certificate, a plaque, a trophy or whatever. What you guys think?

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    that sounds fine, the achivement should be for the top ranked robot so the only robot that gets a title is the one who finishes at the top, but awards for most wins etc is a great idea gives everyone something to aim for

    would you guys allow me to make the trohpy or belt, which ever people prefer? I wont make it a rebel robots trophy/belt itll be more of an FRA award that way any Event can hand out the award

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    Yeh, Make whatever you thinks best. I made a trophy out of car and bike engine and gearbox parts for a present for a guys birthday that races with my dad. It looked pretty cool but took ages trying to make it not look like a stack of engine bits.
    What are we actually calling this championship?

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    it would need to be neutral so all event organisers can take the championship to any event so something like FRA Middleweight Leauge
    or FRA Middleweight Championship

    I think a belt sounds cool

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    FRA Middleweight Championship belt it is then eh?

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