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Thread: Middle Weight Competition?

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    I have been led astray with that walking mechanoid Pilgrim, dose anyone yet have a date when the first Middleweight fight will be held, if I can I might be able to put something together for it but I need a deadline to work to.
    Perhaps if the EOs could find a date in the next year diaries for middleweight fights!

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    If you can get some robots together your welcome to bring them to any of our shows, but we'll probably need at least 3 to try and make the fights entertaining enough. Something else were going have to try and squeeze into the show

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    So just to recap how many middleweights do we have in the UK that actually work?
    If there are two or three that work now. Then I will build a forth in the New Year and we have to pick a date /event that we can all make and we have a plan.
    My middleweight will be a heavier version of Seraphim with a small sledgehammer as a courtesy detail. :shock:

    What dose everyone think?

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    I would build a m/w if they announced a return fight

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    I second that motion axe of course

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    Not going to happen in the uk I'm afraid

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    Oh I think there's a chance

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    If I still have it, I can bring my MW to any events I attend if someone else is bringing one. Chances are i'll only be at RL Edinburgh (assuming it goes ahead) this year though!

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