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Thread: Behemoth question

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    ive a queston either for the behemoth team or anyone else that might know.

    this question was probabily answered years ago when it happened but im reasonably new to the forum so i dont know but.............

    i watched robot wars the 7th war yesterday and behemoth was fighting mute, and mute did a kind of back flip over behemoth and then behemoth was stuck in forward drive, and i was wondering what caused this?

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    Just quick because Im at work...

    The flip over us touched the aerial and caused the receiver to crash... It was left locked in full forward.
    Kane Aston

    Co-owner and builder of BEHEMOTH

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    oh right ok thanks kane

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    It does get damaged from time to time... but its quite strong. The current scoop is two layers of 2.5mm grade 2 Titanium with reinforcement. This makes it very strong and springy.
    Kane Aston

    Co-owner and builder of BEHEMOTH

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    have u seen the new film ? 2011 ?

    carnt see the robot in it tho

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    i didn't realise Kane and Ant kept it in a bunker

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    Apparently its going to star The Creature, back from its appearance in the fourth wars. Not the most effective machine but definitely Hollywood looking.

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