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Thread: 14/09/2008 FCC Raptors, Feathers - Wormerveer (NL)

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    Round 2 of DRGs Full Contact Competition.
    In our 4x4m arena (full Polycarb) as many Raptors and Feathers as possible will fight each other.
    Location this time:
    Mythras (Kees), Witte Vlinderweg 72A7, 1521 PS Wormerveer (NL).
    10:00 - 18:00

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    Round 2 will see the UK represented by Geoff and Jenny Smith, with Pain in the Asp and Pillow Torque. Dirk Antwerpen and Dirk Kasten will defend the honor for the Germans.

    So far we have 13 feathers and 6 Raptors in competition.

    It looks to be a great competition day.

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    It came, it saw, it conquered. Well done to Geoff and Jenny and Pain in the asp for a well deserved victory.

    We had a great day and the weather held perfectly. Real good fights as well. I really should explain to my guest driver not to go flipper first 15 times in a row against a horizontal spinner bar though.

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    Results of this (round 2) are here:
    Videos (round 1) are here:

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    It was nice to have you both there, thank you. Im sure Leeuwarden will be at least as much fun and there will be an audience.
    At are arranging hotels at the moment.

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