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Thread: How could I Improve pt 2

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    Glad to see Leo's still around.

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    I'm still a little unsure about this sort of thing, with the weights, dimensions and such like. Does this one look like it would work?

    Robot Name: No Exit
    Shape: Rounded cylinder segment (See image)
    Weight: 27.0 kg
    Length: 29.9 cm, 24.5 cm with Ramp weapon
    Width: 30.0 cm
    Height: 5.5 cm
    Motivation: 2x solid rubber & polyurethane wheels
    Drive: 2x DeWalt 12V New Style Drill Motors
    Power: 1x 14.8V Li-Poly 4-cell pack
    Armour: 4mm Kevlar and fiberglass shell with Nomex lining, 6.5mm Titanium frame & wedges
    Weaponry: CO2 powered low-pressure Flipping arm with interchangeable Titanium wedge and Hardox Ramp attachments, hinged titanium wedges, actuated HDPE bollards
    Speed: 14.5 mph
    Turning Circle: 0 cm
    Ground Clearance: 5 mm, 0mm for wedges
    Srimech: Flipping Arm
    Colour: Near-black, details based on road markings (See image)

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