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Thread: How could I Improve pt 2

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    Because of the length of the previous thread, we are going to continue here. The old thread will be locked, but still available for review.

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    Good move Leo.

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    1) I know the Husqvarna brand of chainsaws, but what does the k1250 look like?
    2) Hardox thickness?
    3) Batteries?
    4) What picture? :-O
    5) I actually think youd want a srimech :-O

    Looks good otherwise :-O

    1 -
    2 - 6mm
    3 - Lots
    4 - I havent gotten around to drawing it yet (although thing of the machine as a box with a Spawn-Again style wedge at the front with the saw blade poking out)
    5 - Its a design for a possible house robot, so a srimech isnt really needed

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    I think even Mentorn would rethink on that ever since the last house robot rebellion.

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    My sentiments exactly Leo.

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    And with reference to Bens multiple choice robot with 15 or so weapon set-ups, by saying Techno Destructo style lifting arm, your assuming that the writer knows what Techno Destructo looks like and what style the lifting arm lifts in.

    Writers are lazy beasts, give them an excuse to write your machine out and they will.

    (And multiple weapon set-ups isnt really a good idea because one lucky hit with a powerful weapon can rip it out)

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    ULTO I
    Shape: a bowler hat with the rim being a 360 wedge
    Colour: Black all over
    Speed: 9MPH
    Weight: 300KG
    Armour: 5MM Hardox
    Drive: 4 x C40-500 Magmotors @ 36V
    Power 10 NiCad Battlepacks @ 36V
    Locomotion: A cheeky boy (which is essentially a number of parallel pendulums, the feet of which move in a vaguely elliptical shape so that there are always enough on the floor to be very stable. walking system for stability powered by 4 x C40-500 Magmotors on 36v. The are made of titanium, bars with a thickness of 7mm and are enclosed entirely within the shell of the robot. The feet are the same pendulum-blades as before with a textured rubber grip to provide some extra traction. The outer shell of the robot is supported on a number of castors to take the weight off the legs.
    Ground clearance: 3MM
    Turning circle: 0M
    Size: 100x100x35 the wedge is 5CM tall and protrudes 7CM
    Weaponry: 1) The outer shell spins and is powered by a Perm132, it has 8 2cm teeth on the body and 16 1cm teeth on the 360 wedge
    2) 2 Identical lifting arm protrude 120cm from a small Tazbot style turret the top of the robot and go down to the floor at right angles, they are powered by a 140X180MM pneumatic ram
    Each is powered by dual 5KG Co2 bottles, it has 5 attachments:
    1) A Hardox Forklift Arm which is 15X5X3
    2) A Curved Hardox Wedge which covers 180 degrees and is 10X100X3
    3) A Hardox Scoop which is 20X20X30
    The Other 2 attatchments dont use the original arm they are connected to the turret and all arms are 120 cm long (without attatchments)
    4) A Mortis style lifting arm
    5) A Toro/Ceros Style Lifting Arm

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    Right...Ill gloss over the arms for now, at least there are a managable number of them...look at some of the other points:

    -We could do with knowing the pressure of the pneumatics - 1000psi is the maximum you can go to under FRA rules, but thats only possible with nitrogen. 750psi is the rough limit of CO2, but be aware that standard pneumatic rams are very difficult to use at pressures above 300psi, and most people just use custom hydraulic rams for full pressure CO2.

    -a 3mm ground clearance is a bit low, going over a tiny piece of debris will strand you.

    -My main concern is that the walking system is now described, and it appears to have been taken straight from Alexs stats for Archangel Of The Abyss, and this has two problems: it shows that you do not fully understand the system, and it is blatant stealing and wrong.

    Also, designing a SHW is a bit unusual for a first timer, since about 90% of the tournaments that happen here are for heavyweights only.

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