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Thread: How could I Improve pt 2

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    Yes, but the actual description was taken word for word from Alexs stats...there is nothing wrong with taking the idea of the mechanism, and if I made a robot with the same method of movement as Blizzard I would expect nobody to have a major problem with that.

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    I know that, but directly copy/pasting the description borders on the very wrong...

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    I certainly didnt invent it either lol, its taken from a techno-games entrant, hence the name.

    I personally dont have a problem with you using my wording to describe a mechanism, the issue is that we cant see if you understand the concept behind the mechanism or not, and if you dont understand the concept then its difficult to justify it within your robot.

    Feel free to try and explain your understanding of if (if you can thats fine, feel free to use it), but if you dont understand its equivelant to me saying Im going to use a combabulafrinkulatron in my robot
    - you might know what it does, but you wouldnt recognise one if you saw one and you wouldnt properly comprehend the principles behind it enough to justify its inclusion.

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    combabulafrinkulatrons are banned in robotwars, too powerfull.

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    Combabulafrinkulatrons are banned?! Theres that idea gone...:sad:

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