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Thread: How could I Improve pt 2

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    Kody Kunz
    Coming soon...
    Etobicoke, Canada
    Glad to see Leo's still around.

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    AW - Jaguar (in progress)
    Raise the dead

    shape:see pic
    dimensions: 750mm x 500mm x 210mm
    wheels: 2 x 220mm custom wheels, rubber tyre
    clearance: 0mm at front and skirts, 6mm at back (exc. skirt)
    motors: 2 x LEM 130's
    armour: 6mmvti/v alloy, 7mm front of lifter, 4mm at end of skirts
    weapon: 1000psi CO2 4-bar flipper powered by a 190mm ram and a 3kg CO2 bottle.
    srimech: invertible, may be able to self right with flipper

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    So back to vapourbot designing, i have tweaked my two original vapours:

    Name : Trance

    Shape : Plowed Box, like Punjar,but with sides and back sloped at 45 angle, with a slot cut in the plowed front for the weapon

    Dimensions : Length : 60 cm,Width : 80 cm Height : 35cm

    Color : Dark Blue

    Weight : 99kg

    Movement : 2 Go-Kart wheels

    Motors : 2 NPC-T74 at 36V

    Speed : 20 Mph

    Armor : 4mm Hardox for everythingexcept the front plow which is 1mm thinner

    Turning circle : 0mm

    Ground Clearance : 1,5cm

    Power : 6 Ni-Cad battlepacks at36V

    Weapon : A Vertical ElectricBoogaloo style bar , powered by an Perm 132 at 36V, allowing it toreach 3000RPM

    Name : Zenith

    Shape : Low Box, Tornado Style,with a plow at back, and a Last Rites style cage holding the weaponat the front

    Dimensions : Length : 90 cm,Large : 80 cm Height : 35cm

    Color : Blood Red

    Weight : 100kg

    Movement : 2 Caterpillar Tracks

    Motors : 2 NPC-T74 at 24V

    Speed : 15 Mph

    Armor : 3mm Hardox

    Turning circle : 0mm

    Ground Clearance : 1,5cm

    Power : 6 Ni-Cad battlepacks at36V

    Weapon : A Matilda Style 27kgFlywheel with 2 S7 Tool Steel Series 4 Hypno-disc like teeth, poweredby an E-tek R at 36V, allowing it to reach 3000RPM

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    New Vapour whipped up

    Name : Gran Turismo
    Weight: 100kg
    Shape : Box Shape, with roudedsides and a back slot for the secondary weapon
    Drive : 4 Go-Kart Wheels, drivenby 4 NPC-41250 at 24V
    Power : 6 Ni-Cad battlepacks at36V
    Armor : 2.5 mm Hardox
    Colour : Golden, with the name inRed on the top and bottom
    Length : 80cm
    Width : 60cm
    Height : 30cm
    Speed : 20mph
    Srimech : Invertible
    Ground Clearance : 1cm
    Weapons : A hinged wedge at the front, which therefore means it will always scrape the floor, made of 3mm Hardox , wedge works the same either way up, and 2small teeth can be mounted at the top, near the edges for preventopponents from jumping over it, the wedge is 20 cm long and has thesame witdh and height as the chassis, with a 35° slope
    A horisontal spinning disc 45 cm wideand 5 cm tall, with 2 Hypno-Disc Series 4 teeth, spinning at 2500RPM, powered by an E-Tek at 36V
    Turing Circle : None
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    Nick Fisher
    Fife, Scotland
    I'm still a little unsure about this sort of thing, with the weights, dimensions and such like. Does this one look like it would work?

    Robot Name: No Exit
    Shape: Rounded cylinder segment (See image)
    Weight: 27.0 kg
    Length: 29.9 cm, 24.5 cm with Ramp weapon
    Width: 30.0 cm
    Height: 5.5 cm
    Motivation: 2x solid rubber & polyurethane wheels
    Drive: 2x DeWalt 12V New Style Drill Motors
    Power: 1x 14.8V Li-Poly 4-cell pack
    Armour: 4mm Kevlar and fiberglass shell with Nomex lining, 6.5mm Titanium frame & wedges
    Weaponry: CO2 powered low-pressure Flipping arm with interchangeable Titanium wedge and Hardox Ramp attachments, hinged titanium wedges, actuated HDPE bollards
    Speed: 14.5 mph
    Turning Circle: 0 cm
    Ground Clearance: 5 mm, 0mm for wedges
    Srimech: Flipping Arm
    Colour: Near-black, details based on road markings (See image)

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