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Thread: Warhead

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    has anyone seen team razers new robot called warhead, its a hw spinner.

    Its like a fish with wings that can float in the air some how take a look

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    the link above is the wrong one this one is right

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    its 5 years old i think

    james cooper on this forum is in the razer team and will be going to battle bots in november to fight warhead

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    its been around since 2002 when battlebots 5.0 was on the tv

    they have made a feather of it call (or what i think its called) hannibal

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    Ian and James got most of warhead ready for battlebots this year, but due to the costs of going over and other things getting in the way it never happened - Maybe next year eh! I Guess it depends on the TV coverage for it next year and the possible prizes.

    The Featherweight version is called predator - James has recently started doing some more work on it, so hopefully it will be around fighting sometime soon.

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