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Thread: A Beginners Guide to Vapourbots

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    Team Riobotz have recently release a high quality tutorial for building robots, it covers nearly everything you will ever need to know about building a combat robot. I've decided to post it here as it has a lot of information that could help people improve their vapourbot designs and improves stats in whole.

    It's a large PDF file, with 300+ pages, but definitely a good read. I highly recommend it, as well as the Paul Hills Website

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    Sheesh, Aaron, you're gonna scare all the newcomers away.

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    Just giving them some material to keep them from getting blasted for crappy stats in your tournament :wink:

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    Since posting the motors table it's been revised quite a bit, redone with the help of Leo and Kody among others, and as a result actual sort-of-scientific calculations have been used and it should be more accurate now.

    I'll add other stuff to it in the near future, like a proper writeup of my little battery guide thing and possibly some more featherweight sized motors for the table, but the problems should be sorted now.

    *gets off of self promotion stand *

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    Quote Originally Posted by parassyte
    people should use brushless motors more. the reason you don't see them in real robots is usually cost and controller constraints: things that don't matter here
    Problem is there isn't a hell of a lot of combat ready brushless motors out there. You either have industrial stuff that is massively heavy with conservative power ratings or model hobby stuff with lightweight with overrated power ratings.

    When you start talking custom brushless there is much to debate about figures and ratings too

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    OMG those motors have power
    thats why major damadge uses them.
    team fire force

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