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Thread: Top 10 Battlebots fights.

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    I too, havent seen much of Battlebots, and have seen that video. Theyre not in a very accurate order, but meh

    10) T-Minus v Sunshine Lollibot
    9) Mauler 51-50 v Killerhurtz
    Hexa-Decimator v Fork n Stein
    7) Backlash v Ziggo
    6) Panic Attack v FrenZy
    5) Toro v New Cruelty
    4) Tentamoushi v Evil Fish Tank
    3) War Machine v Snake
    2) Nightmare v Slamjob
    1) Nightmare v Son of Whyachi

    I looooooooooooooove Snake! And Mouser Mecha Catbot! Have you seen the music video on YouTube?LOL

    Also, does anyone know how many UK robots competed in Battlebots? The ones I know are:
    Panic Attack
    Spitfyre (Dantomkia)
    Bigger Brother/Little Sister
    Suicidal Tendencies

    And I think WYSIWYG competed in the early Robot Wars too

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    The Executioner (as The Piecemaker), Grim Reaper, and Scallywag (from Panic Attacks team) were over there as well, I think.

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    Is there a video of Scallywag on Youtube or anywhere else? I really want to see it in action, having seen only the Battlebots profile

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    #10 - Biohazard vs. Son of Whyachi
    #9 - Code: BLACK vs. Ziggo
    #8 - Killerhurtz vs. Mauler
    #7 - T-Minus vs. Sunshine Lollibot
    #6 - Toro vs. Phere
    #5 - Nightmare vs. Slam Job
    #4 - Hazard vs. Complete Control
    #3 - Surgeon General vs. Overkill
    #2 - Toro vs. Vladiator
    #1 - The infamous Nightmare vs. Son of Whyachi, the one hit wonder that astounds us all.

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    No, silly, if the ramps didnt pop up, Nightmares disc would have been completely ripped off. :P

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