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Thread: Battlebots 2008

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    Where did you find that out?

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    Can you give us a link to the exact spot where you found the info? Because Im having a hard time believing it.

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    Woody, that link is broken, it sends me to somewhere where I have to sign-up for something. :S

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    Heh, it tells us to go to RFL, probably the link Woody is trying to send. Thanks Ben, but now I need Woody to clear up the link.

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    Well as much as I like the RFL and some of its main competitors, I dislike their forum with a passion (actualy, every Delphi forum really).

    Its not because of the contents itself, but the adverts, the layout, the vague search, the you need to be a plus member to do X stuff. I just dont like it at all.

    That being said, it is an important medium of communication, just like this forum is, so I read it once in a while, all be it with dread.

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