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Thread: Battlebots 2008

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    Me it gone completely? I thought they were coming back! :sad:

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    Yes, we know that Ben, but thanks for refreshing our memories. :P

    Marien, what was the last you heard on it and at what time?

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    Ive tried a couple of times over the last 3 weeks. Before that, the last I saw of it was 2 weeks after the first posting here, March 10th.

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    Maybe theyre revamping, wait, if that were true then theyd put a SITE UNDER MAINTENANCE sign on something like that on it instead of deleting the page entirely...


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    Itd be the first result, and it aint there.

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    Nor can we, and it shall be sorely missed...

    Theres still Roaming Robots and RFL though.

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