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Thread: 8645T-The Beast

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    ye craigs got it lol think hes bringin it round tonight i dno lol unless hes sold it to some1 who would want it

    weve had our garage broke into but was way b4 robot wars think we just ad a few pcs n printers nicked or somethin n a big tent lol

    i no of another roboteer who has had alot stolen and obviously i dont think its funny but i didnt think people would believe me because we were on about craig having beast in a thread at top of the forum

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    i had someone break into my shed once.. i had my band new skysports 6 on the table (high tech back then lol) loads of tools and stuff on the side and some odds n ends..

    all they took was some snow boots and my step dads battery drill.. which i broke and put back together the night before the shed got broken into.. so im kinda glad they took it lol

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    we had our spektrum stolen at an event last year :sad:

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    Well getting started on B iv new pic comming soon will be ready for Riat 2009 and the Tanya trophy

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    should of said ready for the tag team with explosion as a partner

    well done Michael for the help

    yet another win for team Beast (or should i say team US)

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