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Thread: Terrorhurtz

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    Well since Thz doesnt have its own thread yet...

    Man, that axe comes down with FORCE! Any upgrades planned, Mr. Reid? Perhaps ideas from Beta?

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    So, no updates then? :sad:

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    you have got to remember that mr reid (the oracle) will only tell if you take a cookie

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    Ah I see

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    Sounds fun. Cant wait for the new THz to start smacking away the competition.

    Incidentally, is the CAD available to public, or is it top-secret for now?

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    This robot rocks! definitely Kan-Openers nemesis!
    Liam Bryant
    Team Bud

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    Kan-Opener is afraid of no-one

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    apart from thz

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    untrue, it can be beaten

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