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Thread: Terrorhurtz

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    John, you gona be in friday about 2? I dnt mind picking it up if you want me to run it for you just send us your postcode

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    ye dad goes to work at half 2 but i think ill be in as school finishes early

    postcode is WS13 7SW - keep going down the road - then down the hill and ull see our car or number plates - or the white double garage on the corner on your left

    i would say house number but i have alot of fans on the internet who would love to know where i live :P

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    Hope THZ gets repaired in time

    I love it when it does that victory dance!
    Liam Bryant
    Team Bud

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    They werent disqualified, they just couldnt make it in time.

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    Nearly off topic, but you can burn videos from youtube onto dvd using keepvid, its free and I use it. You type in an url from youtube at the top right, and you can download it. Then just burn it onto a DVD! I used that to get series 1 to 2 of robot wars, and I'm still going!

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    Did Beta ever get made?

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