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Thread: West Midlands

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    Still engineering like mad

    Got the landrover refurbed and back into use.][/url]

    Hydraulic winch front, electric rear, fiddle brakes. But struggling with the V8 which has let us down on three events. Needs coverting to bosch 24 volters

    Humph :sad: That didnt work either? Has this site been told to refuse piccys?

    (Message edited by teamidris on July 12, 200

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    Come on, someone must live here! I'm in Shrewsbury. Also looking to make the transition from fan, to team-member.

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    Oh, Hello! Fan? Team-member already? Where do you drink, THAT's the really important question...

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    Me too.. used to get a magazine as a kid, long before it was in this country and WELL before it was televised.

    I could do with pickin' yer brains then at some stage. I also tend toward the Lone Ranger, but in this case it just ain't gonna happen unless I find like-minded people. Ideas, intelligence and pig-headedness aren't going to get me where I want to be this time. Besides, I'm here to learn and turn it to my advantage without shame.

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