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Thread: What are you listening to?

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    I thought that I should start this thread since no one else has done so.

    Right now:
    Koda Kumi - Ai No Uta

    Such an emotional song... I think Im gonna cry! :sad:

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    Was wondering when someone would bring this thread up.

    Right now Im listening to my Pearl Jam collection.

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    LOL, I had to bring it!

    Koda Kumi feat. SOULHEAD - DDD

    Love this track so much! =]

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    Kumiko Noma - Lillium

    Openings theme of Elfen Lied, my all time favorite anime.

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    children of bodom - downfall going to see them in march \m/ . \m/

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    Soulja Boy - Crank that

    Not the best song ever for lyrics but its catchy as hell

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    the arsenal crowd chanting on sky

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