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Thread: Techno Games Links

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    Does anyone have a link of information to Techno Games, or of what they achieved on the show?

    Heres my link: and click on Techno Games (or Robot Wars) from there.

    Whats your link? Please post below.


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    Incidentally, the link above covers the 153 mph model rocket car called LIGHTSTORM 2 and other cars such as Daft Ada, Lightstorm and many more, some even faster. Team Hart won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, plus the Sportmanship award in Techno Games over a period of years. Rocket cars were also featured on Robots Revenge on Discovery Channel. Clips on YouTube.

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    Hi all, just adding our link; check out our website for the latest news on Skeletron, 8 years on and still going strong.

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    Chompalot Owner of Drednaut Red Wedge - a little featherweight Buoyant (swimming ant - Technogames/

    Our adventures in Technogames and the UK Robotics Games.

    A shame its all petered out.

    How much interest out their is there for another event do you think?

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    I would love to see another Technogames and Im sure there are lots of people out there who would compete. The problem is finding someone who wants to put it on - we can but hope that the BBC will come to their senses and revive it.

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    We could keep on poking Jonno until he says yes?!

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