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Thread: Assembly summer 07 event - videos!

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    Nice videos - I love the acrobatics on display when Purse self-rights

    Are there any available close-up photos or links to build photos or specifications for the robot Deltaforce, as I will shortly be building a similar style featherweight and would be interested in seeing how they built their robot and, in particular, the mechanism for their crushing arm.


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    hi guys have you got any events coming up? il be competing a bit soon and would like to come and join you

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    Here is our events schedule

    I think that Assembly Summer is best for you to come. It is nearby Helsinki Vantaa airport

    Note that spinners are banned in our events (no pc walls)

    welcome to our event. If you have any question just ask.

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    thanks otto, how many featherweights do you have over there?

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    i am very impressed with some of the robots you got there Otto. maybee some of the uk teams might be able to make one of your events.

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