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Thread: Assembly summer 07 event - videos!

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    do finland have any ski slopes? it sounds cold there lol

    if you do have an event near one and we can make a holiday out of it

    i think a few other roboteers like to go on the slopes to

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    If you can get a few machines to the assembly one il try and come along. Do you have a championship over there?

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    SM is finnish championship Suomen Mestaruus it is available only if you pile enought points in our events. So it is not possible to win it by winning only one event. Here is SM points status:

    But if you winn event you get a medal! :

    do finland have any ski slopes? it sounds cold there lol Sadly clobal warming has meldet all teh snow! :

    Insomnia X is 25.10.2008 but then snow is only getting to snow. So I dont know is there any ski slopes open yet. I think that this url could help you

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    When is the next Assembly? If some UK bots would go, We might get a dutch/german delegation going as well?

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    ye could do, would be nice if it was for a championship of some sort. If Venom goes i have no doubt Ploughbot and Basher would come to. maybe a couple more?

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    I very much doubt I could make it - getting to the ferry port alone is quite a distance and one I could not afford with the current price of petrol.

    But depending on the date and what state Drumroll is in, I may see about getting someone who is going to take it across with them and enter it

    EDIT: Just noticed the no spinners bit. Not worth it as much in that case :sad:

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    Remember that 150g, 450g and 6kg machines are also competing in Assemly Summer. Smaller bots compete at friday 1.8 and bigger at saturday 2.8. So if you have 150gram bots bring them also.

    For more information about Assembly, check out
    And btw, roboteers don´t have to worry about tickets since we get free entry.

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    But I rather use air as it is free.I can understand that, but that seriously limits our FP flipper in the amount of flips we can do. Till how many bar can you guys pump air?

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