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Thread: Scrapheap Challenge.

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    Now that the main series is over with, Channel 4 will start to jump it around the schedules.

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    Good Good

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    saw mike on channel 4 tonight

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    Good road-show, one day those all-stars will beat someone

    Looks like a Best-Off/Awards next week, my vote for machine of the year would go to that steam-ship from the specials

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    i saw mr lambert too. not racking and stacking this time tho

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    Robot Wars Team Lightning were also there. Ive posted our clip on YouTube for your enjoyment:

    More info in our robot diary too:

    I thought the show was well made but felt sorry for the eight teams that got knocked out in the first round - they hardly got shown at all. In fact a lot was cut out generally. But overall I liked the way RDF TV made it - very funny and entertaining. Laurie.

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    What annoyed me is when they kept saying the all-stars machine was built the day/a couple days before the event, yet when you watch the clips from the build against the actual day, Lisas bump was a lot bigger.

    When will series 10 be on the telly?

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