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Thread: Youtube Request

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    well we could either do that or an admin cud just give us it so we dont make a mess of the forum n get banned

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    see above, ive asked them. Ill ask my dad in a bit, put it on the agenda for next meeting. Asif he would do that but i could try!

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    If i download the FRA banner do i get extra points?

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    if i have it as my msn display picture can i have the most posts

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    69 posts including this one, I think that is enough for one day and a good place to stop. Still intermidiate though

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    lol u didnt go and count todays posts off u did ya! lol

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    Now elite, its says on my profile, must be true

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    Moan, moan, moan- where is Shane Swan to lighten the mood on this forum.*sung*

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