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Thread: Youtube Request

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    the old trax on tv are on you tube. cool

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    Alot happens in this thread....

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    ur turning into shane ! u spammer :blush:

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    we are part of a team, we work together spamming and making the forum hard to read. and you all ENVY us for it.

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    can i just point out that that was post 100, I would also like to take this opertunity to say, i am still apparently a member roboteer and that just isnt true, im Elite, i was 9 when i started and im still going now.

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    u intermediate

    when u win something u can be advanced like me :P

    would be cool if we could pick our own tho - hmm should we start a thread about that one

    damn b4 pressing the post i remembered ur the annihilator and that better then what iv won as thats robot wars trophy so well done on that and i think you should be elite now

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    yea, twice annihalator champion and reigning robotswars annihalator champ. and several live event trophies but they dont count for much do they! Elite please Kane or Stu or mark

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    im on over 800 posts and still advanced roboteer, you have a way to go lol

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    omg :blush:

    that needs to be sorted

    i was just looking how many more iv gotta get a new rank

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    YEA, U NEED 1000 FOR ELITE, so might set up my own thread and just post for a day!! LOL

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