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Thread: Membership for Organisation (School)

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    i cant wait to see you all in singapore one day :P

    jonno, show them this 3 min video from uk champs and show them who beauty is :P

    and axes are the best weapon

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    Hello to all you budding roboteers over in Singapore! I look forward to seeing you guys if you come over to the UK to fight your robots.

    Considering youre using robot kits, Im assuming none of them have really thick, or strong, steel armour. In which case, using an electric motor as part of a crushing mechanism could actually be quite effective, and could take advantage of any thin armour protection and allow you to beat the opposition (and crush all Jonnos components in the process )

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    Make a Spinner
    Look at some of the clps on that video above to see how good they can be!

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    Hi Guys,

    Wakey wakey.....
    Its 245pm here on day 4 of 5...... thought id update progress.

    Last night we had 4 working feather weight chassis finished and working... and of course they took them for a test drive.... and they ended up having a war.

    Tension is building and the competition is fierce... they all are working hard to become singapore champions for 2008.

    Today has been about weapons, they have learnt the theory about different weapon types.... pneumatics, hydraulics, etc....

    We have 4 feather weights being constructed and each has a different weapon.

    No1 - has two gripping arms which looks very similar to big nipper style.

    No2 - has an electric lifter working the same way as envy.

    No3 - has a lifter, or rather they keep telling me its going to be so fast it will flip. They also tell me they arent worried about their fellow students robots, they plan to seek and destroy Pain in the Asp. Yes Eugene who previously posted is their team captain !!!!
    He is the singapore SWANNY... he has brought so much laughter to the course !!! Ive found you a friend mate

    No4 has an arm fitted to the top which runs sideways, the concept to drive underneath and flick them off sideways.... like lightning used to have.

    Who will win..... i dont know.... it could be any of the four to be honest !!!
    We are using a big stairway as the arena.... we will be above it looking down.... and the pit of doom equvilent will be the stairs.... you loose and your going down a level.

    they will compete in three challenegs.... Sprint, sumo and combat !!!


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    well i will be bold and put my money on Eugene. anything envy style must be good have they names there creations yet? sounds like your having a ball mate. as to destroying pain in the asp well all i can say is good luck you will have a good time catching it. keep them updates coming jonno and ask the competitors to spend 5 mins on the forum and post what they think about roboteering and a little about their robots.

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    Ok guys,

    So ive put a picture of the student robots progress so far.

    remember this is two days building for complete novices... and i am impressed with what they have achieved so far.

    Tomorrow they have unitl 3pm to finish them where then we will start the competition.

    Its now 6:14pm and they have all gone home....tomorrow morning i will try and get each team to post on here to talk about their robot.

    Time for some food, then beer, then bed


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    that one with the claws looks good

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    i thought that too they look mean. still i am going to go with the one at the end that will just rule. the yellow one i think is eugenes. wanna tenner on it craig?

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    botmad's Avatar

    Too All our singapore Roboteers ...
    The competition is hotting up ....
    Eugeene sounds like the one to watch as swanny says ....
    All drivers be aware of the red mist sindrome ...
    top tip ... Know your machine keep calm and drive to your bots potential keep the mist at bay ... come out on top to win the day ....

    Good Luck To All ............pete.........

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