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Thread: Kids and Robots

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    I was at The Abraham Moss City learning Centre
    Manchester , today with the Bulldog, and had a wonderfull response from the kids and staff,
    especially the live demo where they went ballistic , who said R/Wars is dead,

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    Wish Id have known I would have come along

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    Sorry Si, you would have loved it , it was for kids ,who have had a really poor start in life ,,many without parents, they where really brilliant, and very, very, bright!!! We have been there before , but each time I appreciate
    them more,

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    i have done something similar in our area tony. it does give you a buzz making kids happy and you never know you might have just inspired one. and if you have, then job done.

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    thats right shane , I think I have done about 15 of these, Robot Family Days now, the moneys great, but I get a real kick out of seeing a couple of kids who have been given up on by the world ,building something out of their own immagination, and watching it work, it may actually be the first time they have ever made anything, and may be the turning point in their lives ,who knows,

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    Would anyone be interested in appearing at my lads school ? Its a special needs school in Bury their all great kids and have different levels of disability. Im sure they would love to see a bot. Web link below
    Bulldog Boys, I work for Manchester Council and Abraham Moss do a lot of good work.

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    id come along with my feather, m lookin to be a teacher in later life not sure how old this is however

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    Just looking through the forum and came across this. John from Roaming Robots came alomg to a computer club for autistic kids and did one of the ant weight sessions.

    Went down an absolute storm. Some of the kids who are normally very difficult to engage in any way got very interested in this and very excited about it.

    For some of the kids who are particularly noise sensitive and cant really go to the live events it was great. (We have one in particular who is robot wars mad but has to watch even the tv show with the sound down).

    This type of stuff really is appreciated and the impact lasts a lot longer than you would expect.

    Anyway, keep it up.


    PS: Anyone passing round Finchley who wants to pop in and show off their bot, feel free to drop me a line and we can sort it out.
    If it aint broke you're not trying hard enough!

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    Hi Andy,

    It was a lot of fun, I always enjoy the educational work I do. It is always very rewarding.

    get started on your feather weight now !!!


    The Official Robot Wars!
    Book your tickets quick !!

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