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Thread: Ripper

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    ermm saw subject for poor mr lear...,

    Winter Tour championships....

    Loosers mellee. Ripper v Beast v Chompalot
    Only Ripper left in the arena at the end

    Quarter finals. Ripper v Beast
    Beast left with a panel, and its batteries hanging out at the end

    Sorry john !! LOL

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    i miss old ripper !

    Now officially dead... main chassis going to the scrap yard in the sky soon.

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    No robot is bad enough to be scrapped... The original Ripper was good, and it will survive. Don't scrap it Jonno! If it has been scrapped already, then... If it hasn't, then leave it for Nostalgic purposes.

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    please scrap it Team Us have a new project with the Ti

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    or, well theres some guy in the wanted place that wants a old robot

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    Oh yeah, I forgot about that... Jonno, take a look see.

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    Ripper Evo...... Or as I renamed it... Ripper.. is now DEAD.

    Two years ago it was built for the Uk champs at RIAT.. however after so many changes inside its got old and tired, so its time for a new one !!

    New more reliable and more powerful drive system.
    New ( hopefully more powerful ) Flipper.
    No 6mm polycarb base, now all hardox.
    Weight - probably 140kg
    Same green and yellow paint... so its still RIPPER !!

    Should be running at RIAT for testing, prob not finished, but defo ready to kick robutt at Portsmouth !
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    lol it looks a right mess

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    Who took it apart?.....Thor?

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